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3. Rucirah - He is good looking - BRS 2.1.52-54

Madhava - Tue, 26 Jul 2005 21:12:23 +0530

- 3. He is good looking -

(3) ruciraH
saundaryeNa dRg-Ananda-kArI rucira ucyate ||52||

Good looking -
One who gives joy to eyes by means of beauty is called good looking.

yathA tRtIye (BhP 3.2.13) -
yad dharma-sUnor bata rAjasUye
nirIkSya dRk-svastyayanaM tri-lokaH |
kArtsnyena cAdyeha gataM vidhAtur
arvAk-sRtau kauzalam ity amanyata ||53||

As in the third canto:
"Certainly, after seeing him at the rajasuya-sacrifice of Yudhisthira, the son of Dharma, the residents of the three worlds, beholding this sight, thought that after creating him, the resources of the creator must be completely depleted."

yathA vA
aSTAnAM danujabhid-aGga-paGkajAnAm
ekasmin katham api yatra ballavInAm |
lolAkSi-bhramara-tatiH papAta tasmAn
notthAtuM dyuti-madhu-paGkilAt kSamAsIt ||54||

And also:
"Whenever the restless eyes of the cowherd women flew like bumblebees to any of the eight lotus features of the destroyer of Danuja, they were unable to free themselves from their brilliant, sticky honey."

Jiva Goswami glosses the eight features as his mouth, eyes, hands, navel and feet.

Madanmohan das - Sat, 30 Jul 2005 13:08:10 +0530
rucira-nakhe racaya sakhe, valita ratiM bhajanatatim/
tvamaviratastvaritagatir-natazaraNe haricaraNe//

O friend! without delay or intermission and with deep love adore the feet of Hari whose dainty ( rucira) toes afford refuge to those who bow down. huh.gif

Mukunda Muktavali

Is "good looking" the best word for rucira?
Madanmohan das - Sat, 30 Jul 2005 13:24:27 +0530
Monier Williams has some good words for rucira, such as bright, brilliant, radiant, splendid, beautiful etc. Sri Krsna is endowed with radiant beauty. Or Sri Krsna is good-looking all amounts to the same but good-looking sounds a bit too vernacular.
Wow I'm so full of worthless opinions biggrin.gif

tadeva ramyaM ruciraM navaM navaM

Just out of curiosity, Madhavaji, why is the middle portion of your sig. missing? ie.
he kaMsAntaka.etc. and pundarikAksa mAm don't you just love the sound of that pundarikAksa? aha biggrin.gif