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On topics concerning ISKCON or Gaudiya Math - Please read before posting

Madhava - Sun, 24 Jul 2005 22:14:05 +0530
A Restriction on Topics on ISKCON and Gaudiya Math

With reference to our recent poll on whether Gaudiya Discussions should fast from topics concerning ISKCON and Gaudiya Math (IGM) and the overwhelming support in favor of the idea, it's hereby announced that there shall be no further discussion on topics concerning the teachings, the organizations or the history of IGM for the duration of the ongoing Chaturmasya.

While there may be an occasional mention of the said issues if it is directly relevant to the ongoing thread, such issues shouldn't be explored beyond that.

For those of you who come from an IGM background and feel you have issues that need to be clarified, first of all please use the search, as most relevant topics have already been reviewed, often on several occasions. Then, if there is something to clarify, please use the PM system and contact the appropriate members for further questions in private. I will also try to summarize the said topics in an essay for easy reference whenever time permits.

For those of you who for some other reason feel like going on and on about the said topics and process your past, we would kindly suggest that you do it in private or over some other medium for the time being.

At the end of the Chaturmasya, we may review the situation again and, if necessary, make alternate arrangements for the discussion of the said topics. If some feel a more urgent need for the same, please feel free to contact me, we can look at having an alternative forum for you earlier, too.
Madhava - Sun, 24 Jul 2005 22:15:06 +0530
This decision is effective immediately, and any threads taking a turn towards review of IGM will either be split or locked. Thank you for doing your best to pay attention to this.