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Two drown in Manasi Ganga - came for Goverdhan parikrama

nabadip - Thu, 21 Jul 2005 04:31:32 +0530

Two devotees drown at Goverdhan

Vijay Upadhyay / Mathura , the Pioneer

In two separate incidents, Six Krishna devotees died in Mathura during the religious 'Mudiya Poornima' festival.

Two youngsters, Pankaj from Gwalior and Ramu from Morena in Madhya Pradesh, who arrived in Goverdhan town of Mathura to participate in the holy 'Goverdhan Parikrama', drowned in the 'Manasi Ganga' pool on Wednesday morning while taking a religious dip.

Senior Superintendent of Police, Satyendra Vir Singh, Mathura said that the police made every possible arrangements to prevent such incidents during the festival. Still, each year, some inevitable mishaps occurred on the Parikrama route as it becomes difficult to manage such huge crowd with such little police force deployed on this route.

He said that the police had deployed motorboats in the 'Manasi Ganga' to prevent drowning in the pool but these two ill-fated youngsters had ventured into the deepest part of the pool which had been sealed off by the police, early Wednesday morning. Till the alarm was raised by the devotees, the two youth had already drowned and only their bodies could be fished out of the pool.

In a separate incident Four people were killed while four were injured when a Tata Sumo, carrying eight members of a family coming from Delhi to the festival, collided with a truck on the National Highway -2 near Vrindavan town of Mathura.