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Nirjala Ekadashi fast - to reduce water in system + effects of moon

nabadip - Tue, 19 Jul 2005 22:10:00 +0530
Here is an interesting quote I found to explain the "use" of Nirjala Ekadashi fast in an unexpected positivistic way. It remains open whether the claims regarding the special vibrations from the moon three days before full-moon are really valid, but some of the other concepts discussed seem convincing.


To control this very powerful and disturbing effect of the moon on our temperaments we must reduce the amount of excess fluid in the brain. Doctors know that if any part of the body is "edematous" or swollen with excess fluid, the best way to decrease the fluid in this part is to decrease the amount of fluid in the whole body, and then the excess fluid in the particular part will be automatically drawn out of that area by osmotic pressure, to supply the deficiency in other parts. So if their is edema or too much fluid in the brain as a result of stroke or accident, doctors inject a certain chemical into the body which quickly dehydrates it. Soon the excess fluid in the brain flows down into the body to provide the rest of the cells the liquid they need.

Instead of powerful chemicals, the natural way to balance the fluid in the body is to fast without water. This decreases the fluid in the whole body and thus the liquid from the brain is drawn down into the body's cells, and the disturbing effect of too much fluid in the brain is removed. (Also, as we have seen, fasting without water is the quickest and most effective way to cleanse the body of it poisons.)

But why fast on the third day before the new and full moons - why not fast on the new and full moon days themselves? Because, as we have seen, scientists have found that the emotional disturbance starts three days before, so we must counteract this effect from the very beginning, before it has a chance to greatly upset our bodies and minds. Recent discoveries by British scientists have shown that there are two days during the month when the electron-magnetic vibration of the body radically changes - three days before the new and full moons. On these two days during the month there is a marked difference in the electrical potential between the body's electromagnetic vibration at the navel and in the brain. Scientists are puzzled as to why these two particular days should manifest such changes - but yoga masters have long understood the significance of these days and regularly fasted at these times.

Even though many people during these periods may become irritable, restless and upset, those who fast without water will find that their minds remain balanced and calm.
nabadip - Tue, 19 Jul 2005 22:17:45 +0530
This interesting bit is added:


According to yoga, the most vital fluid of the body is the lymph, which purifies the blood, helps in the secretion of hormones, and feeds and strengthens the brain. After supplying the brain, the remaining lymph is used to form spermatozoa and egg cells. For the proper development of body and mind, adequate lymph is necessary, and a deficiency of lymph causes disease or mental dullness. But excess lymph is also harmful to the body ; in all aspects of life, moderation is the rule of nature. If there is too much lymph in the body, then the sexual organs and glands are over -stimulated; this results n an excess of sexual desire which disturbs both body and mind. So for the purity and control of the mind, it is necessary to prevent the formation of excess lymph in the body by fasting 2 days a month. By eating 28 days a month the body obtains enough food to produce just the right amount of lymph, not too much, and in this way the purity of the body and the balance and peace of the mind can be maintained.

The only discrepancy here is that the egg cells are not newly formed, but are already there, yet the author might have substituted that with another function of the female reproductive process. The idea here is following the concept of the dhatus, the 7 hierarchically organised tissues of which Shukra is the final, highest one.
Madhava - Mon, 12 Sep 2005 22:05:42 +0530
Some interesting experiences from fellow fasters from the Christian tradition on fasting on water:

My Pastor fasted 40 days, just water continually, no breaking at the end of the day, 40 days all the way as did my assistant pastor, I have many friends who have done 10, 15, 21, 40 day fast with just water and the Lord blessed them indeed.

I've done 21 days/nights just water and the difference is visible in my spiritual impact in ministry. It wasnt easy though, but with correct guidance its good for the body and certainly for the spirit.