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Warning unnecessarily strict - to view videos more often

nabadip - Tue, 19 Jul 2005 14:59:11 +0530
I just found out that a warning is coming on when one wants to see a video-clip more than, in my case twice. I wanted to check whether I really gave the right link into the dandavat and darshan thread, and then got this message

You have exceeded your quota of downloads for this file. You can only attempt to download each file three times in a day to prevent abuse of server resources. If you feel you have received this message in error, please contact the webmaster at false-error{at}

I have downloaded it really only once, but viewed it twice within that one download. Obviously that was also counted as two downloads. I would say, it would be appropriate if one could see a video upto 5 times (or more?), if one wanted to. Of course, my mistake could be that I just opened it, but did not store it on my system before viewing it.

Another problem might be the reason for it also: I got the message from REAL to get additional software to view this clip, followed by a message that none was available. unsure.gif Then I clicked to begin the viewing, but it did not come one twice or three times until it came on. Could be that this process registered also as having downloaded it more often.

Question: Are there that many downloads per day, that this sort of restriction is really necessary? I remember there was once an incident that someone came in to disturb the peace by downloading videos incessantly. Could the system not be set in such a way, that members have the right to see videos more often, while outsiders would be restricted to these three times?

Also I did not know what to do with that "false-error{at}" address. Is there a way to send it from my account with GD itself, or do I have to leave the site and get into one of my e-mail accounts to do it?

Thanks for the answers.

Jai Nitai, Radhe Radhe
Madhava - Tue, 19 Jul 2005 15:27:11 +0530
I've now changed that to ten per day. The only reason this limit is there is some people use these crazy download managers that try to create dozens of connections at once to the server, thereby both unnecessarily burdening the server and often wasting enormous amounts of bandwidth due to the careless operation of the program.