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Cattle Wed in 2,000-Guest Thai Ceremony -

jijaji - Sat, 16 Jul 2005 02:05:35 +0530
Cattle Wed in 2,000-Guest Thai Ceremony

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Tue Jul 12, 6:50 AM

A pair of rare dwarf Brahman cattle, Thong Khaow, ...

BANGKOK, Thailand - Farmer Amphol Wangboon was hesitant to give up his beloved Thong Khaow for marriage until he found her the perfect match and a dowry he couldn't refuse: truckloads of fresh grass, hay, maize and $2,400. So Thong Khaow and her new mate, Thong Kham - a pair of rare dwarf Brahman cattle - were married Sunday morning in a traditional Thai ceremony featuring a banquet for more than 2,000 human guests in central Sa Kaew province. The animals wore silk outfits and jasmine garlands. Other beasts, including goats, also attended the wedding. Amphol said Thong Kham's owner, Krachang Kanokprasert, offered him the cash and the feed dowry as part of the wedding festivities. "I wasn't going to sell her - she's a special find - but Krachang said he would take care of her and wanted the couple for a display in front of his restaurant," Amphol said. "If he takes good care of her, I don't mind giving her to him."