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Flowers scarce for festivals -

nabadip - Wed, 13 Jul 2005 22:29:23 +0530
Midnapore struggles to maintain flower power

Statesman News Service

MIDNAPORE, July 12. —— Midnapore’s challenge to grow flowers continues.
Flowers have become scarce and in short supply since last month in Midnapore East, the bulk flower producing belt in the state, as a result of which there has been a hike in prices.

Buds and flower plants, particularly those of marigold, nightqueen, bael, dopati and other sensitive varieties, perished in the burning heat affecting production in the district. This has posed a serious problem, particularly at weddings and other festive occasions. Those who arranged wedding ceremonies in Asar, the third month of the Bengali calendar had to bear huge costs for buying flowers.
Jasmine sold at Rs 80 to 90 a kg, bael at Rs 70 to 80, dopati Rs 50 to 55, night queen Rs 40 to 45, aparajita Rs 10 to 12, marigold Rs 40 to 45, rose (minipal) Rs 45 to 50 per 100 pieces ,coloured roses Rs 40 for 100 pieces and china rose at Rs 25 to 30 for 1,000 pieces. Prices were equally high at Mallickghat market in Howrah as there was no supply of flowers. But two months ago jasmine was sold at Rs 15 to 20 a kg, nightqeen Rs 8 to 10, bael Rs 5 to 7, marigold Rs 3 to 4 and dopati at Rs 2 to 3 as there was no taker then.

The situation worsened to an extent that basketfuls of jasmines, marigold and dopati had to be thrown away. Prices are feared to rise further in the forthcoming wedding ceremonies. There are five wedding days in Shravana, fourth month in Bengali calendar, and one more in Asar.