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Illegal slaughter-houses thrive - in New Delhi

nabadip - Wed, 13 Jul 2005 21:56:50 +0530
Illegal slaughter houses thrive

Deepak Kumar Jha/ New Delhi

While the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) has claimed curb on the illegal slaughter of animals in Capital, the reports on the same are quite contradictory.

Many MCD officials and the Delhi Police are involved in illegal slaughter of animals.

Residents of Gali Neem Wali in the Walled City, have written several letters to the MCD, and the Delhi Police. They have also written to Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit, who has asked for an enquiry into the matter.

While most MCD officials have been involved in the 'business' for decades, a few are participants since October 2004.

The MCD Commissioner, Rakesh Mehta, in November 2004, claimed that there are no cases of illegal slaughter of animals in the Capital any more. However, The Pioneer has photographs as evidences against their statement.

Residents complained that influential people of the locality, who are involved in the slaughters, bribe MCD and police officials.

"Illegal slaughter of animals takes place inside the houses and even within the by-lanes of Gali Neem Wali during the night. The raw meat is boiled causing smoke, foul smell and pollution," said Mohd Mirazuddin, a resident of Neemwali Gali in Sadar Police Station area.

Large amounts of toxic wastes and gases are released in the air in the process. "The level of pollutants in the air is already high. With this, our children will be affected with serious air borne diseases," said Mohd Mirazuddin.

Mr Mirazuddin, along with other residents of the colony, has sent complaints in this regard to senior Delhi Police officials, including the Commissioner, MCD Commissioner and health officials of the city.

Failing to get any response from them, they have written to the Lieutenant Governor BL Joshi and also to Ms Dikshit.

"The officials have visited the site to enquire but they do not take any action against the practice.

"The reason for their lax attitude towards this grave issue is, they are treated well and given 'good service' from those involved in the business," protested Farheen, a resident.

She informed that Gali Neem Wali is a narrow lane which is why the problem faced by people there is critical. People in the gali is inhabited by people who are now living in distress and cannot even breathe freely.

"We literally inhale pollutants and most of us remain ill. Our children complain of chest pain," said Laiq Ahmed, another resident of the colony.

After repeated complaints, the CM's office has finally directed the Delhi Environment department to take necessary action against the malpractice.

Though the MCD denied that illegal slaughter is being practiced, a senior official of the MCD mentioned candidly mentioned, "all this will come to an end when the new abattoir at Ghazipur is operational by the year end".

nabadip - Wed, 13 Jul 2005 22:06:01 +0530
New Delhi is 140 kilometers (90 miles) from Mathura, Vraja Dham.