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Oxytocin use with cows causes health problems - in people

nabadip - Tue, 12 Jul 2005 23:55:06 +0530
Use of banned drug on cattle causing health problems

Pioneer News Service/ Kendrapara,Orissa

Rampant use of a banned drug on cattle by dairy farmers of cyclone-ravaged Kendrapara district has caused health hazards not only in the bovine but also among the people in the area.

In order to earn a quick buck by selling milk, the milk farmers allegedly inject a banned hormone - Oxytocin - to enhance the milk output of a cow. However, the hormone has caused health hazards for kids as well as cattle, alleged Mr Bijay Kabi, Director of Animal For Protection of Wild life Animal (APOWA).

'Oxytocin' is used on cattle to increase the milk yielding capacity. Intake of the contaminated milk by children under the age group of 8-12 years get early adulthood.

According to Mr Bijay Kabi, at least a couple of cases have been detected in the Pattamundai area in the last four months.

After several parents complained, the matter was bought to the fore and a doctor from the local hospital examined the affected children and found hormone imbalance among them, Mr Kabi said.

According to a medicine practitioner, the hormonal imbalance among children is due to consumption of contaminated milk.

In order to double the milk yielding capacity of a cow, it is injected on the cattle's thigh half an hour before milking. It is available at every chemist shop and the price of the injection is very little.

By consuming Oxytocin mixed milk, children attain early puberty and it has been reported that they develop typical behaviour and attitude.

Due to abundant use of the drug, the cattle suffer from ageing and get feeble.

Though the State Drugs Control Department has imposed a ban on the use of Oxyocin in 2002, it is alleged that it is being used by local milkmen, especially those in far flung areas.

The Drug Control Authority had also banned its sale in on chemist shops without the prescription of a medical practitioner, said Mr Bijay Kabi.

The milk farmers have very little knowledge regarding useage of drug on cattle. Neither do they know the adverse impact of the drug on cattle nor do they know that early puberty happens due to the intake of Oxytocin-mixed-milk. In order to earn a fast buck the gullible milk farmers use it on cattle.

Neither the district administration nor the concerned department has taken any steps to stop its use.