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Beggars with 'top' income -

nabadip - Sun, 10 Jul 2005 23:47:57 +0530
Hyderabad to give I-cards to beggars

Pioneer News Service/ Hyderabad

Hyderabad has as many as 10,466 beggars and many of them have an average monthly "income" of Rs 2,400.

These are some of the startling facts brought to light by a study conducted by the Hyderabad district administration and a non governmental organisation, Hyderabad Council of Human Welfare. The study was done to evolve a plan of action to make the city "beggar-free" through their rehabilitation.

Releasing the details of the study, Hyderabad District Collector Arvind Kumar said, the administration will provide all the beggars with identity cards and rehabilitate them with in six months. The administration wants to give top priority to the adolescent girls, physically challenged, children and the aged in the matter of rehabilitation.

nabadip - Wed, 13 Jul 2005 14:51:02 +0530
When beggars become choosers

Though the population of beggars seems to have come down over the years, a recent survey by the NSS unit of the Madras School of Social Work found that begging is actually a profession that can fetch a tidy income.
nabadip - Wed, 13 Jul 2005 14:53:06 +0530
"Nobody to LOVE

Child begging is rampant in the city. Most of them are from the neighbouring States. Despite sincere efforts to rescue such children by several organisations, the malady continues, unchecked.

NO ONE would ever have thought that begging would emerge as a very lucrative trade in Kerala, acquiring the status of a profession, or that children will be its tools of trade. Or that Kerala would be ranked as the most profitable State to beg, inviting a horde of children from all the Southern states and even from the North, all brought to the State with the sole purpose of earning though begging. "

... "Child abduction for begging has acquired a novel facet, with many such girls and boys inducted as domestic labour.
...children on the begging trail collecting even upto Rs. 500 a day. Begging is controlled by a mafia and children on the begging trail have fixed routes and fixed monetary targets, failure of which can bring severe punishment. Which also reportedly force young girls to sell themselves to make up the deficit."