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The ecstacy of Mahabali - Skandha 8,23

Madanmohan das - Fri, 01 Jul 2005 01:28:08 +0530
The lord Vamana confered on Bali many boons and glorified his noble character at the end of chapter 22. Then the next chapter 23 begins with a delightful couplet.

ityuktavantaM puruSaM purAtanaM mahAnubhAvo'khilasAdhusammatah/
badhAnjalirbAspakalAkulekSaNo bhaktyudgalo gadgadayA girAbravIt//

To the primal being who spoke thus, the high-souled Bali, the object of admiration for all good and righteous people, replied in choked accents and in a mood of surging emotion of bhakti, with his palms joined in supplication and his eyelids dropping with the heavy downfall of blissful tears.

8,23,1 Swami Tapasyananda's trans.