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Board of elders - A brahminical council -

Advaitadas - Thu, 30 Jun 2005 16:07:00 +0530
Next reform proposal: What appeal-possibilities are there when a participant feels his post is unjustly deleted by a moderator?

I am even playing with a daring idea of proposing a Board of Elders. After all, 75% of the moderators are novices, and they are moderators mostly, if not wholly because of their technological knowhow (and being the webmaster's crony). The other 25% of the moderators..... sad.gif well never mind - age isnt everything, after all! laugh.gif Just as in the Vedic days the ksatriyas were the executive power but they took council from the brahmins (I am not proposing IGM style varnashram revival though laugh.gif ), the moderators should perhaps take council from older devotees before they start deleting, closing, reprimanding ("you should be ashamed!" etc.). Just brainstorming here...........
Madhava - Thu, 30 Jun 2005 21:19:03 +0530
That would certainly be a possibility. However, whom would you suggest sat on that wise council of elders? Yourself, Jagadananda, Minaketan Ramdas and Nitai?

The elderness between the rest of us who are around is rather marginal in years, not at all unlike between yourself and Jagadananda, who incidentally does not seem to be beyond your reprimands.