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Mexican Volcano Erupts Again -

jijaji - Thu, 16 Jun 2005 20:36:51 +0530
Mexican Volcano Erupts Again
By Associated Press

06 June 2005

MEXICO CITY - A volcano in western Mexico erupted on Sunday, spewing burning rock and raining ash on nearby villages, authorities said. It was the latest in a series of recent eruptions.

The eruption at the 12,533-foot Colima volcano, located 430 miles northwest of Mexico City, sent a massive column of black ash into the clouds above.

Satellite images suggested the plume of ash extended 2-1/2 to three miles into the sky, according to the Jalisco state Civil Protection Department.

"It's an event that is among the strongest in the past 20 years," said department spokesman Jorge Sapien.

Ash fell on the nearby settlements of Tonila and San Marcos, but evacuations were ruled out after authorities toured communities near the volcano. There were no reports of injuries.

Volcano specialists were to meet Monday to discuss whether to extend a safety perimeter around the volcano that currently stretches at least five miles from the crater.

Roiling debris from the explosion at 2:20 p.m. engulfed the peak and sparked small fires on the lower slopes.

The Colima Volcano had staged two spectacular eruptions Thursday night and Friday morning, following smaller explosive eruptions on May 23 and May 30.

Known as the Volcano of Fire, the summit's first recorded eruption came in 1560. The volcanic system is considered to be among the most active and potentially the most destructive of the volcanoes in Mexico.

A 1913 blast left a crater 1,650 feet deep.

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