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bhAgavatAmRtam - (zrI-zrI-kRSNa-prema-taraGgiNI)

Advitiya - Mon, 13 Jun 2005 22:55:54 +0530
The most well-known verse from zrImad-bhAgavatam,

nigama-kalpa-taror galitaM phalaM
zuka-mukhAd amRta-drava-saMyutam |
pibata bhAgavataM rasam AlayaM
muhur aho rasikA bhuvi bhAvukAH ||

This is how it is translated in Bengali payAr in zrI-zrI-kRSNa-prema-taraGgiNI by zrIla-raghunAth bhAgavatAcArya,

nigama-kalpataru-bigalita-phala |
zukamukhe patita amRta madhutara ||
kSititale nipatita bhAgavata-nAma |
piya, re bhAbuka bhAi, rasika sujana ||

নিগম-কল্পতরু-বিগলিত-ফল ।
শুকমুখে পতিত অমৃত মধুতর ।।
ক্ষিতিতলে নিপতিত ভাগবত-নাম ।
পিয়, রে ভাবুক ভাই, রসিক সুজন ।।

apUrva! I like to thank Madanmohanji for sending me this heart-dissolving book. Although it was due to confusion between Malika and Malati, the book has been accepted cordially and will be cherished as long as I live.

Now I leave you with rendering this same verse in English with your poetic talent.
Madanmohan das - Tue, 14 Jun 2005 01:57:51 +0530
Very good. biggrin.gif
Madanmohan das - Tue, 14 Jun 2005 03:21:20 +0530
The scriptures, like the wish-yealding tree, did the choicest ripened fruit produce,
And blended with the touch of Suka's speach has mellowed into richest juice.
Drink then to excess and drink again O ye wise and that sensetive conosuer,
This Glorious Bhagavatam, the repository of rasa and ever blissfull rapture.
Advitiya - Sun, 19 Jun 2005 09:30:31 +0530
Wonderful! camatkar, Madanmohanji!

I haven't noticed it until now.