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Whatever is left over from the archives of the old Raganuga.Com forums after most of the substantial threads were moved to the relevant areas of the main forums.

Pictures here # 2 -

Raga - Wed, 17 Apr 2002 00:14:18 +0530
I'll repeat the intro of the previous thread here.

- - - -

Jay Radhe!

The forums at Raganuga Discussions are for discussion, and therefore big images should be posted in this forum only.

For people with broadband connection, it is no problem, but for the majority of people on a 56K modem, loading five 40K images = 200K means waiting three minutes for the screen to load. This drives away most of the visitors, since it is too much of a pain to load such big pages.

Therefore, please post your images in this forum ONLY. Thanks!

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anuraag - Fri, 19 Apr 2002 21:48:26 +0530
Jaya Sri Radhey! Namaste and Happy Celebrations of Sri Rama Navami to all devotees!

Sri Rama Jaya Rama
Jaya Jaya Rama

user posted image

zrI rAmacandra 'kRpAlu' bhaja mana!
haraNa bhava bhaya dAruNaM,

Oh, blessed mind!
Always meditate upon
Lord Sri Ramacandra,
Who is full of grace!

He surely eliminates the
fear of transmigration
through worldly existence.

nava kaJjalOcana kaJja mukha
kara kaJja pada kaJjAruNaM

Oh, fortunate mind!
Adore the beauty of His eyes,
resembling the pink petals of
freshly bloomed lotus.

Worship His tender, fragrant,
lotus face, the delicate reddish
lotus flowers of His hands and feet.

kaMdarpa agaNita amita chavi
nava nIla nIrada sundaraM

I prostrate to the most handsome
Lord Sri Ramacandra Kripalu,
Whose beauty excells uncountable cupids,
Whose transcendental bodily luster
resembles dark, fresh rainfilled clouds.

paTa pIta mAnahu taDita ruci zuci
naumi janaka sutAvaraM

user posted image

My sincere salutations
to the chosen Groom of Sita Devi,
the divine Daughter of King Janaka,
and to the Lord Who is clad in
ever pure yellow silk garments,
shining as bright as the lightning.

bhaja! dIna bandhu dineza
dAnava daitya vaMza nikaMdanaM

Oh, simple, naive mind!
Meditate upon the glory of Lord Rama,
Who is the true Friend of the afflicted
and the sole Refuge of the distressed!

Being the effulgent transcendental sun,
my Lord has destroyed the ignorant,
evil-minded demons by His prowess.

raghunanda Ananda kanda
kozalacanda dazaratha nandanaM

The beloved Son of King Dasaratha
is the source of joy and pride to
the entire Raghu dynasty.

He ever reigns the kingdom of Kosala and
shines as the cool transcendental moon.

user posted image

zira mukuTa kundala tilaka
cAru udAru aGgavibhUSaNaM

Oh, restless mind!
Fondly remember the tall,
enchanting Personality of
Beloved Rama,

Who is adorned with the Royal crown,
charming earrings, beautiful
auspicious mark of Tilak on
forehead along with other
elegant jewels on His blessed body.

AjAnu bhuja zaracApa dhara
saMgRAma jita khara dUSanam

user posted image

Always think of His ever kind,
soft, noble nature, though
He is holding the victorious bow
and arrows just to conquer
the devilish enemies in war.

iti vadati tulasI dasa
saGkara, zeSa munijana ranjanaM

The Rasik Saint Sri Tulasi Dasa is
glorifying His Lord Ramacandra
Who is the Source of unlimited Divine Bliss
to Lord Siva as well as the Mighty Sesha,
and Who is also the Supreme joy of
all other great Rasik Saints.

mama hRdaya kaJja nivAsa kuru
kAmAdi khaladala gaMjanaM

The saintly Mahapurusha, Tulasidasa,
praying to his Beloved Lord, Sri Rama
for His constant sacred residence
in the lotus heart of His devotee,
so that all the worldly desires and
other offenses can be destroyed completely.

Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

This melodious Bhajan can be enjoyed at:

Jaya Sri Radhey!

Mina - Sat, 20 Apr 2002 01:35:21 +0530
It's a great painting of Hanuman embracing Sri Rama, but it would be better without the crude animation effect.
anuraag - Sat, 20 Apr 2002 06:59:37 +0530
user posted image

sahasa vadana tumharo yaza gAvai
asa kahi zrIpati kaNTha lagAvai

anuraag - Mon, 13 May 2002 03:17:26 +0530
Jaya Sri Radhey! Happy Mother's Day!

user posted image

user posted image

Alokya mAtur mukham AdareNa
stanyaM pibantaM sarasIruhAkSam
saccinmayam devam ananta rUpaM
bAlaM mukundaM manasA smarAmi

user posted image

Jaya Sri Radhey!

Mina - Mon, 13 May 2002 20:50:24 +0530
Also nice, but I like the first one better (except for the animation, which is distracting).
anuraag - Wed, 29 May 2002 02:16:53 +0530

 user posted image

user posted image

 user posted image

In this 'pada' a loving devotee of Lord is praying sincerely for the "sevAnanda"- the Blissful Service of the 'Kadamba Tree' in His Divine Abode!

"kariya mohim kunja-kadambani Daar,

jinme jhoolaa DAri yugala vara, jhoolai kunja majhaar,

kabahumk jhoTA deya laal joo, kabahhum deya brajanaar,

jhooloom laal-lalI samg haun hoo, jhuki jhuki jhumi nihaar,

pyaari-priyatam par oopar te, karaum pushpa bauchaar,

lakhata 'kRpAlu' yugala jhaamkI nita, haum jAvoom balihaar!"

Prema Rasa Madira - Sri Kripaluji Maharaj

 user posted image

The Rasik devotee of Vraja Rasa is praying to Lord Krishna, asking Him a divine favor.

"O my Beloved Syama Sundar!
Please make me at least a branch of the Kadamba tree of Your Kunja- the secluded garden Bower of Vrindavan.

Not just any Kadamba tree but that SPECIAL TREE, from whose branch, A GOLDEN SWING can be suspended.

Having seated in that swing, my Beloved Divine Couple can take the pleasure of the playful swing Lila.

At times, placing His Soul, Rahdha Rani on the Swing seat, my Dearest Laal (Young boy Krishna) can enjoy pushing the swing with great delight.

And at other times, Sri Radhikaji Herself can relish the ecstatic bliss of swinging Her Sweetheart.

At some other times the intimate Gopis, the loving associates of my Lordships can derive supreme pleasure by pushing the swing, seating both Radhaji and Sri Krishna.

It doesnot matter to me who pushes and who swings as long as I can also swing along, eternally witnessing the lila pastime of Your Swinging Pleasure from my branch!

What more I can do for your delightful service?

With ecstatic love for my Darling, I can blossom alover and shower down the frgrant flowers on the Divine Couple from above!"

In the concluding verse the Poet-Saint says,

'O my Dearest! Won't You please fulfill my ardent desire to become the branch of Kadamba tree?

Looking at Your transcendental beauty, sprinkled with the blossoms of my Divine Love offerings, I eternally surrender my life and soul to Your Lotus feet.'"

Jaya Sri Radhey!