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Shri Shrimad Krishna das Babaji - Some of his Teachings

Kamala - Sun, 29 May 2005 06:09:43 +0530
In search of something auspicious as the subject for my 108th post I was searching around and came across the beautiful memorial website for Shri Shrimad Krishna das Babaji. Some of the gems from the page about his Teachings, written by Karunamayidas, are shown below for the pleasure of the devotees.

[Referring to Shripad Raghunatha das Gosvami's 'Stavavali"] He used to say that even if we don't understand the meaning of these verses we should go on reciting them with love, humility and faith, and they will reveal themselves to us in such a beautiful way that we will be struck with wonder. The reason for that is that those verses have been written by 'nitya siddhas' (eternally perfect associates of the Lord) and are thus endowed with an astonishing power.

Baba preached humility by telling the following true story: "Once there was a guru who was approached for initiation by two boys. One boy was of a low caste and the guru said: "Never forget where you came from!" The other boy was a brahmana and the guru said: "Now you completely forget where you came from!"

Once when I informed Baba about the misdeeds of one devotee who had previously acted as a Guru, Baba gratefully replied that this devotee was his acarya guru because he taught him by his own example the things that should not be done.

Baba called my attention to the futility and ridiculousness of assessing oneself as an advanced votary of the Lord, by saying: "I think of myself as a great devotee who can do bhajana, but when someone pricks me even slightly, immediately I react, feeling pain (feeling offended).

Baba's disciples are mostly non Indian westerners. He used to say with feelings of deep love for them that he was a westerners Poor-People's Guru. Regarding Bhakti Rasamrita Sindhu's verse (1.2.154):

mat tulyo nasti papatma naparadhi na kashcana
parihare'pi lajja me kim bruve purushottama

"O Purushottama! I am such a sinner and offender that you will not be able to find anyone similar to me. What can I say more? Please forgive me for all my faults. To pray to Your lotus feet in this way I just feel ashamed.", he said that if we recite this prayer it will attract Purushottama (The Supreme Personality of Godhead) to descend to do something with us, because it is a prayer composed by His eternal associate and has the power in it to attract Him. When we repeat this prayer from the core of the heart we can obtain anything we desire.

Baba was saying that we shouldn't chant just like a parrot, but always have some idea in our spiritual earnestness how to perform this mental services. For this reason "anugata" or following in the footsteps of the Goswamis of Vrindavana by getting acquainted with their personal services in their spiritual identities as manjaris depicted in their books, was the only solution. In this way we shall be more happy and the whole thing will become even more and more beautiful.