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The principle of Sri Guru. Studying Guru-tattva-vijnana of Sri Ananta Das Babaji Maharaja.

Week 5 - The gift of manjari-bhava-sadhana -

DharmaChakra - Wed, 25 May 2005 06:43:08 +0530
Its stated that the gift of Mahaprabhu in the age of Kali is manjari-bhava-sadhana, worship in the mood of a manjari.

Maybe this would be a good time for someone to go over what other schools accept manjari-bhava-sadhana? What seperates the Gaudiya Vaisnava from them? What other bhavas are put higher than manjari-bhava-sadhana by other Vaisnava lines?
Madhava - Mon, 30 May 2005 19:07:44 +0530
As a matter of fact, manjari-bhava as we know it is exclusive to Gaudiyas.

Some other sampradayas, such as the Nimbarkis, also have a similar concept (though it isn't in their mode of worship as far as I know), but their Vraja-scenario is rather different from ours. Perhaps among the more significant differences, they are of svakIya-vAda (as are most other Radha-Krishna worshipers), not parakIya as we are.