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RadhaRaman charan das deva - And his guide at Khandagiri near Bhubaneswar, Orisa

dasanudas - Sun, 15 May 2005 23:02:58 +0530
Divine Guide and Divine follower:

After Snan yatra of Jagannath Deva at Puri RadhaRaman Charan Das Dev visited KhandaGiri hill near Bhubaneswar with his followers. After reaching KhandaGiri hill Bodo babaji informed his associates “Here nearby this hill under the ground there are many saints performing their sadhana for last 500 – 600 years. Not all can see them by their material eyes. This evening I will go to visit them” . While offering Bhoga to Govinda he asked his follower ( Sital Das babaji mahasaya) “Sital, prepare 11 paras (Bhoga offered in thali to Govinda) for bhoga”. They thought by themselves “why 11 paras? We are 10 , may be Bodo baba wants to have another extra paras after returning from saints.” Realizing their thought Bodo babaji clarified “I will receive my Prasad from those saints, but one devotee will come to show me the path to those saints, for him I am asking to keep one extra paras”. After sometime Bodo babaji turned his face towards nearby forest and by hand gesture he called somebody. Suddenly one big python of almost 10 – 12 feet length appeared from the forest, and came to the feet of Bodo Babaji as if python is offering his pranam. Bodo babaji asked his associates to give the Prasad to that python. Python accepted Prasad. Then Bodo babaji instructed that python “Go now, come back at afternoon and take me to those saints who are performing Tapasya ( Sadhana) within the cave under the ground.” That python obeyed the order and disappeared.
During afternoon at correct time python came back. BodoBabaji uttered “My guide has come, I shall go now”. All of his associates advised him not to go at this evening time, because that could be very dangerous, but without hearing them Bodo babaji followed the python.
Next day around noon time 2 – 3 pm Bodo babaji again came back with that python. Then he distributed Prasad (Fruits etc.) to all his associated which he received from those saints.

----------- Charita Manjusha 123