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Letter by Radha Raman Charan Das Dev - to his disciple Srila Govinda Das Babaji at RadhaKunda, Braja

dasanudas - Sun, 15 May 2005 21:22:06 +0530

This is the letter written by Radharaman Charan das Dev to his disciple at RadhaKunda instructing how to lead sadhaka life at braja. Since many of the member here has the aspiration to settle down at braja I am posting this letter to serve them.
5 Th Sravan , 1309 Bengali year

Sri Sri RadhaRamano Jayati
(Bhaja) Nitai Gaur RadheyShyam
(Japa) Hare Krishna Hare Ram

Dearest Govinda,

I am sending Sriman Atal to you. Keep him with you all the time, and do madhukari and take the job of sweeper at radhakunda for living and ask him to follow you. Do not accept and do not allow to accept precious and bold visksha. If you receive paras ( Plate of voga offered to Govinda) give it to other vaishnava. Do not try to imitate Vaishnava and do not help others to imitate. Keep on crying being a poorest one. Time is very dangerous. I am well.

Iti RadhaRaman Charandas Das

Here is the Bengali version for those who knows bengalee:

Sri Sri RadhaRamano Jayati
(Bhaja) Nitai Gaur RadheyShyam
(Japa) Hare Krishna Hare Ram

Pranadhik Govinda,

Sriman Atal ke pathaitechi. Songe Songe rakhiya madhukari britti dwara jibika nirbaha ebong Sri Radhakunde jhadugiri karya koribe o koraibe. Rajannadi o sthulo viksha korio na, korite dibe na. Paras paile onnya ke dibe. Vaishnava sajio na, sajaiya dibe na. Kangal hoiya kandite thako. Boroi bhoyanok somay. Ami bhalo aachi.

Iti - RadhaRaman Charandas Das
nabadip - Sun, 15 May 2005 22:25:45 +0530
Is this instruction specific for one living in Braja? How about Nabadwip Dham, or Path Bari?

And: Sweeper of what? Sweeping the public sewage canals, or the marble-floor in the mandir? smile.gif

Taking the spirit of the letter it means to take the lowest possible position in a place for maintenance. As I understand the present sadhakas in Radhakund receive a daily maintenance (in the form of boga, chapatis or whatever) "paid" out to them. I have always felt great respect for Boro Baba, and this instruction is another proof of his greatness in showing the way: Embracing total insecurity to experience full dependence (on the garbage others throw out for instance).

On the other hand, what would that mean for a westerner? Notebook, MP3 and Digital camera would be out sad.gif . Back to basics... Become a garbage recycler, expert on plastic bag management...

Would the sweepers allow a westerner to take over their job? Would the government allow?

What did he mean by imitating vaishnavas? Be authentic rather than follow others externally?

Time is dangerous...
jijaji - Sun, 15 May 2005 22:51:11 +0530

do you have any other letters available that Radharaman Charan das Dev wrote you could possibly share with us...>?

very interesting....