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Saksi Gopal - Bhakta vatsalya

Madanmohan das - Tue, 10 May 2005 04:58:55 +0530
There is an oft quoted line from CC, usually presented in discussions regarding Sri Murti worship, to the effect that the divine image in the temple is directly Vrajendra nanadana Krsna.

pratimA naha tumi sAkSAd vrajendrananadana/

You are no statue, you are Vrajendra nanadana himself!

The real beauty of the line becomes more apparent when we look at the preceeding dialogue. Sri Gopal himself urges that he is in the form of a statue and hence cannot move.
I thought I'd reproduce the same here for thorough cleansing of the self.

Thereupon, the younger vipra proceeded to Vrndavan,
and , having prostration made, relayed the news, saying,
O Brahmanyadeva! god of the brahmans, merciful one!
Be pleased, O lord to protect the honour of two vipras.
Thinking - O, I will get the maiden, is not the happiness I seek,
but that the plighted word of a brahmana should be broken,
this indeed is great sorrow. Being aquainted with the matter,
O merciful one it behooves you to take the stand as witness;
a witness who witholds evidence, or fails to take the stand,
incurs iniquity thereby. To which lord Krsna made reply,
Good vipra, go you to your home, and call a general meeting;
contemplate me, and I will manifest there and bear witness.
Obviously in the form of a statue I cannot go there myself.
Said the vipra, Even if you manifest some four-armed form,
your testimony shall be invalid and will not be accepted.
Nay in this very form and from your beautiful countenance,
if you testify as witness, all the people will accept your evidence.
Krsna said, But who has ever heard of a statue walking?
The vipra said, If you are a statue, then how is it you're talking?

then comes the famous line,

You are no statue , you are Vrajendra nanandana himself!

Sri Caitanya Caritamrta, Madhya Lila, chapter 5