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Krishna Dances with a Devotee Girl - leela katha from 252 vaisnavas varta of pusti marg

vijayalakshmi - Fri, 06 May 2005 02:59:19 +0530
From the book 252 Vaishnavas by Shri Gokulnathji with Shri Harirayji's commentary. Presented by Shyamdas. Published by Pratham Peeth Publication 2002 and available in 2 volumes at loibazaar website. smile.gif



When Alikan's daughter became a young girl, she said to her father, "Please make a temple for me to play in."

Alikan called a builder and on an auspicious day, when the foundation was being dug, a beautiful deity of Krishna was found. Alikan presented the Krishna image to his daughter and she played with Krishna and took care of Him just like she cared for herself. She bathed and adorned Krishna with cloth and jewels. She was very devoted and adored her Krishna. She could not remain without Him for a single second.

Shri Krishna knew of her longings. One night, after going to bed, Shri Krishna appeared to her in the middle of the night. When she awoke and did not find him, she stayed up for the entire night in deep reflection. When morning arrived she vowed, "I will only arise when He gives me darshan, otherwise I will die."

Shri Krishan could not bear her distress and appeared before her. He gave her darshan of Sri Vrindavan and told her, "Now get up and cook something for Me. It's late and I'm very hungry!"

And so she did. Later that evening Shri Krishna again came to her. This time he gave her darshan of the Rasa Lila. From that day He always played with her and told her everything He likes. Some days later, Alikan observed a change in his daughter. When he mentioned it to his wife, she concluded, "She has met a man!"

Alikan then hired guards to stand watch over his house. Late one night, the guards heard the sounds of drums, chimes, and waist bells ringing. In the morning they mentioned this strange occurance to Alikan. He thought, "Tonight I will see for myself."

Later that evening, Alikan went to his daughter's temple and looked through the keyhole. He saw nothing, but heard what sounded like a great festival happening inside. At sunrise the sounds stopped and Alikan returned home. That afternoon, after sending all of the guards home, he locked all the doors to his daughter's temple and just sat there. Three hours after sunset, when he heard sounds of celebration, Alikan understood, "Those sounds are not human. This is Shri Krishna's lila and when He graces me, I will see it."

vijayalakshmi - Fri, 06 May 2005 03:05:00 +0530
Meanwhile, Shri Krishna appeared before Pirjadi in His full divine glory. He became the moon of Vrindavan and danced while many Svaminis sang. When Alikan looked through the keyhole and saw his daughter standing there in Krishna's lila, his heart overflowed with so much joy that he fell unconscious by the door. An hour later he came to and this time he saw his daughter sitting on a seat with Shri Krishna. The Blessed Lord had His hand on her neck and was eating a betal. Then they got up and started to dance arm in arm. He could not see very well, so he took a knife from his belt, and made a larger hole to peer through. The force of Krishna's darshan was so powerful that he fainted again.

He arose an hour later to gaze again. This time he saw Shri Krishna wearing a crown and standing with his daughter. Both of them looked blissfully tired from all the lilas and Alikan fell to the ground unconscious again. By then it was morning. When Pirjadi opened the door and saw her father lying there, she slapped his face, "Father, Father, wake up it's morning."

Alikan got up and bowed at his daughter's feet, "You are very blessed. Can you arrange for me to see Shri Krishna?"

That evening when Shri Krishna appeared before her, Pirjadi requested, "My father desires to see You."

"In the morning, go with your father to Gokul and take initiation from Shri Gusainji. Then I will give him My darshan."

"Will he accept Muslims?"

"Of course. Wait for him by Thakurani Ghat."

vijayalakshmi - Fri, 06 May 2005 03:11:35 +0530
Here a doubt arises. Shri Krishna has already showered grace upon them. Alikan saw the lila while his daughter danced with God. Why then does Shri Krishna tell them to become Shri Gusainji's disciples?

The reason is that although they had already had divine experiences, their bhakti would only become firm with Shri Gusainji's connection. Shri Krishna is independent. He gives awards according to His divine whim. Shri Gusainji's connection will bind them to the Path of Grace where Krishna is under his control. Shri Krishna showers grace with the guru's intervention. For this reason Shri Krishna told them to become disciples.

Meanwhile, Shri Krishna informed Sri Gusainji about Alikan and Pirjadi. The following morning they went to Gokul and sat on Thakurani ghat. When Sri Gusainji arrived there for his Yamuna bath, he called them over. They were delighted. "We have come here to take your refuge."

After Sri Gusainji brought them to the Yamuna river and initiated them with Krishna mantra, Alikan asked, "Why did I become a Muslim?"

"Why speak of that?" Said Gusainji.

"There must be a good reason. Isn't it important to know the soul's previous birth? Please explain this to me."

"In you last birth you were both born in south India and worshipped Lord Ranganath. One day while you were putting the Lord to sleep, your daughter began to dance before the Lord. At that moment, a famous king arrived in the temple and you left the seva of arranging the Lord's bed to greet the worldly ruler. Your daughter left her dance and gazed at that king with amorous gestures. That incident influenced your present lives." Shri Gusainji then blessed him, "Alikan, now I will never leave you. You are mine."

That evening, Alikan mentioned to his daughter, "Remind Shri Krishna about my request. Through your grace I will see Him again."

vijayalakshmi - Fri, 06 May 2005 03:15:07 +0530
His daughter replied, "I will mention it, but remember that He is Shri Krishna and that He does whatever He likes."

That night, Krishna arrived before Pirjadi with many other Gopis, "Did you take initiation from Shri Gusainji?" He asked.


"So where is Alikan? Call him in!"

Alikan was in bliss. Knowing him to be and accomplished pakhavaja drum player, from that day on Shri Krishna always had Alikan accompany Him during His divine dance.

In the lila, Alikan is part of Shri Yamunaji's divine congregation. His name in the lila is Rasarangini. She is a great drummer and Shri KRishna loves to hear her play. For this reason, ALikan was given the seva of playing the pakhavaja. Pirjadi is a tamas bhakta. Her name in the lila is Salouni. She is enchanting as well as a talented dancer and always accompanies Shri Krishna. Their divine lives now brought them directly before Shri Nathji.

Gaurasundara - Fri, 06 May 2005 04:43:56 +0530
What a sweet story. Also, how nice to see how the puztI-mArgis have some sort of manjari thing going on! biggrin.gif
vijayalakshmi - Fri, 06 May 2005 04:46:27 +0530
Also, how nice to see how the puztI-mArgis have some sort of manjari thing going on!

Perhaps but unsure.gif Where is the manjari thing? tongue.gif It looks like a sakhi thing to me. smile.gif Krishna was dancing raas with this muslima afterall. Hmmm...
Gaurasundara - Fri, 06 May 2005 05:02:43 +0530
Oh I was just referring to the final part where Alikan's name is this and this is what (s)he does, and Pirjadi looks like this, and so on. Kind of like what is referred to as 'ekAdaza-bhAva' among GauDIyas. I had no idea that the puztI-mArga philosophy had these similar features. smile.gif
vijayalakshmi - Fri, 06 May 2005 05:57:04 +0530
I am not sure if there is something like 'ekAdaza-bhAva' in pusti marg, however I do see that in each of the stories in the varta, the "leela names" are given for each of the vaisnavas listed. It is quite wonderful. smile.gif

I will try to post more from this text at a later time. I am glad you enjoyed. flowers.gif
vijayalakshmi - Sat, 07 May 2005 00:51:48 +0530
More nectar from 252 Vaisnavas...

Listen my friend,
It was during the middle of the day.
I was sitting on my balcony
Making a flower garland
When He suddenly arrived-
That Son of Nanda.

He aimed his glance
And threw a small pebble toward me.
I felt shy, stood up and turned away.
I was afraid of what the elders would say.

Sings Govinda,
Then my Beloved
Lord and master of mood
Extended an arm and
Revealed to me our meeting place

~Govinda Svami