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Biscuit bandits' latest victims: 2 engineers from Chennai - train robbery alert

nabadip - Tue, 03 May 2005 18:59:59 +0530
Biscuit bandits' latest victims: 2 engineers from Chennai

Special Correspondent

CHENNAI: Despite an intensive campaign and warnings by the Southern Railway, unwary passengers continue to fall victim to the `biscuit bandits'.

The latest victims are two engineers returning to Chennai from Secunderabad by a special train.

According to railway police, the two, employed in a computer company, were found unconscious in their compartments when the train reached Chennai Central on Monday morning. They were given treatment at the first aid centre at the station and taken to a private hospital.

The victims, V. Krishnan and Pranoy, were relieved of their gold rings, cash and cell phones.

They told police they were offered "sedative-laced biscuits" by a passenger at Vijayawada station.

Railway officials here said that they had pasted warning notices in all trains, and were issuing handbills to passengers before they boarded the train.

They were also making announcements through the public address system warning passengers not to accept eatables from fellow passengers.

Local newspapers and the visual media had also highlighted news about biscuit bandits. Despite this, passengers were not taking such warnings seriously, the officials added.