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Gaurasundar & Navadwip - New Website

adiyen - Mon, 02 May 2005 17:36:38 +0530

This is a new website by the well-known Sri Anuradha Didi, formerly of Radhakunda where many visitors would have met her in years gone by. She now lives with her (and my) Gurubaris in Navadwip and has made this website to inform about them and their associates.

Note the upcoming visit of one Gosvamiji to Germany next month. A direct descendant of Prabhupad Pranagopal Gosvamiji.

Note also on the Saints page recent photos of venerable descendants of the famous Srila Tinkudi Babaji, and others of interest.

There still seem to be some problems on the site, as it does not fully open on my computer.

Jagat - Fri, 06 May 2005 17:41:07 +0530
I just got the following email from Anuradha Devi:

I offer my pranams to you.

We met in Madanmohan Mandir, my Gurubhari in March.

On the order of Premgopal Gosvami, the grandson of my  Paramgurudeva, and my siksha-guru, I am working on the translation of CC, Madhya 8 and Adi 4 at the moment, which he wants to take with him, when he goes to Germany in June for preaching....

I am so much in search for a qualified editor of my CC-translation, do you know anyone, who could help me with this?