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Radharani becomes a mendicant - Yadunath das

Gaurasundara - Sun, 01 May 2005 06:01:11 +0530
There are several Gaudiya Vaishnava poets named Yadunath Das and it is difficult to distinguish them. The following song of one Yadunath Das, written in the brajabuli language, is spoken by Srimati Radharani, and it also reflects the mood of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Judging from the vivid descriptions of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu in this Yadunath Das’ poems, some scholars opine that he was present at the time of Mahaprabhu and saw the Lord. His songs are found in several of the earliest known Gaudiya Vaishnava songbooks, such as the mid-eighteenth century SaGkIrtanAmRta compiled by Dinabandhu Das, and the famous KSaNadA compiled by an unknown vaiSNava.


gaJje gaJjuka gurujana tAhe nA DarAi
chADe chADuka nija pati Apada eDAi

Let My superiors chastise me if they will! Let My husband
divorce Me if he likes! That will be so much trouble avoided.

bale baluka pADAra loka tAhe nAhi Dara
nA baluka nA DAkuka nA yAba tAra ghara

Let My neighbors speak ill of Me! I am not afraid of it. They
may not speak to me or invite me, and I will not visit their homes.

dharama karama yAuka tAhe nA DarAi
manera bharame pAche bandhure hArAi

My religious duties may not be done. I do not care. My only concern
is that I may not lose My lover through the waywardness of My mind.

kAlA mANikera mAlA gAGthi niba gale
kAnu-guNa-yaza Ami pariba kuNDale

I will make a necklace of black precious stones
[the color of Krishna] and boldly hang it around my
neck. I will wear earrings of the wonderful qualities and fame of Krishna.

kAnu anurAga rAGgA basana pariyA
deze deze bharamiba yogini ha-iyA

Clothed in a garment dyed saffron with my love for Krishna,
I will become a mendicant yogini and wander about from land to land.

yadunAtha dAse kahe ehi mane sAdha
haya hauka jaga bhari kAlA parivAda

Yadunath Das [speaking on behalf of Srimati] says,
“This is the desire of My heart. If the whole world speaks
scandalously about [My relationship with] Krishna, then let it be so.”