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Radha Sudhanidhi - F.S Growse

braja - Mon, 25 Apr 2005 07:10:50 +0530
(Hint: read it aloud.)

1. "Hail to the home of Vrisha-bhanu's daughter, by whom once and again even Madhu-sudan--whose ways are scarce intelligible to the greatest sages--was made happy, as she playfully raised the border of her robe and fanned him with its delicious breeze."

2. "Hail to the majesty of Vrisha-bhanu's daughter, the holy dust of whose lotus feet beyond the conception of Brahma, Siva and the other gods, is altogether supernaturally glorious, and whose glance moistened with compassion is like a shower of the refined essense of all good things."

3. "I call to mind the dust of the feet of Radhika, a powder of infinite virtue, that incontinently and at once reduces to subjection the great power, that was beyond the ken even of Brahma, Rudra, Sukadeva, Narada, Bhisma and the other divine personages."

4. "I call to mind the dust of the feet of Radhika, which the noble milk-maids placed upon their head and so attained an honour much desired by the votaries of the god with the peacock crest, dust that like the cow of heaven yields the fulness of enjoyment to all who worship with rapturous emotion."

5. "Glory to the goddess of the bower, who with an embrace the quintessence of heavenly bliss, like a bountiful wave of ambrosia, sprinkled and restored to life, the son of Nanda, swooning under the stroke of Love's thousand arrows."

6. "When will there visit us that essence of the ocean of delight, the face of Radha with sweet coy glances, bewildering us with the brilliance of ever twinkling sportive play, a store-house of every element of embodied sweetness?"

7. "When shall I become the handmaid to sweep the court-yard of the bower of love for the all-blissful daughter of Vrisha-bhanu, among whose servants oft and again every day are heard the soft tones of the peacock-crested god?"

8. "O my soul, leave at a distance all the host of the great, and affectionately hie to the woods of Brinda-ban: here Radha's name is a flood of nectar on the soul for the beatification of the pious, a store-house of all that is divine."

[Source: F. S. Growse, "Mathura-Brindaban - The Mystical Land of Lord Krishna." p 234]

The Sanskrit is available by way of our kindly Jagat via the Grantha Mandir. His notes there are also relevant, as Growse assigns the text to "Hari Vans."
Madanmohan das - Wed, 27 Apr 2005 02:23:00 +0530
Have you also seen the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan edition. It is very good, but also attributed to Hit Harivamsa and sans the Gauracandrika and the concluding sloka of Sri Sarasvati pada's glorification of Sriman Mahaprabhu. I would have posted some, but the book is out on loan sad.gif