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...apArakaruNA-sindhur bhagavAn bhaktatatparaH - His Unlimited Divine Grace

anuraag - Sat, 23 Apr 2005 20:17:11 +0530
Namaste. I heard this verse from Srimad Bhagavatam many times in
Sri Kripaluji Mahraj's discourses in relation to the unimaginable results of
remembrance and mental worship of the Lord.

12th chapter of 10th canto of Bhagavatam deals with the lila of
deliverance of the demon named 'Aghaasura' by Lord Krishna.
It is greatly puzzling to know how a demon who tried to kill the Lord and His
associates was liberated by all mericful Lord (Kripalu), Sri Krishna!
The all purifying, blessed Lord has personally entered the body
(mouth) of inviting demon Aghaasura whose intention was to kill Him
and liberated the sinful Aghasura. Not only that, Aghaasura received a Divine
form similar to the Lord's, in the Spiritual Abode.


sakRd yad-aGga-pratimAntar-AhitA
manomayI bhAgavatIM dadau gatim
sa eva nityAtma-sukhAnubhUty-abhi-
vyudasta-mAyo 'ntar-gato hi kiM punaH

If even only once or even by force one brings the form of the Supreme
Personality of Godhead into one's mind, one can attain the supreme
salvation by the mercy of Krishna, as did Aghaasura.

What then is to be said of those whose hearts the Supreme Personality
of Godhead enters when He appears as an incarnation, or those who
always think of the lotus feet of the Lord,
Who is the source of
transcendental Bliss for all living entities and by Whom all illusion
is completely removed?



naitad vicitraM manujArbha-mAyinaH
parAvarANAM paramasya vedhasaH
agho 'pi yat-sparzana-dhauta-pAtakaH
prApAtma-sAmyaM tv asatAM sudurlabham

Kishna is the cause of all causes. The causes and effects of the
material world, both higher and lower, are all created by the Supreme
Lord, the original controller.
When Krishna appeared as the son of Nanda Maharaja and Yasoda,
He did so by His causeless mercy.

Consequently, for Him to exhibit His unlimited opulence was not at all
Indeed, He showed such great mercy that even AghAsura, the most sinful
miscreant, was elevated to being one of His associates and achieving
sArUpya-mukti, which is actually impossible for materially
contaminated persons to attain.


SB 10.12.12:

Yogis may undergo severe austerities and penances for many births by
practicing yama, niyama, aasana and pranayama, pratyahara, none of
which are easily performed.
Yet in due course of time, when these yogis attain the perfection of
controlling the mind, they will still be unable to taste even a
particle of dust from the lotus feet of the Supreme Personality of
What then can we describe about the great fortune of the
inhabitants of Vrajabhu;mi, Vrindavana, with whom the Supreme
Personality of Godhead personally lived and who saw the Lord face to face?


The demoness Putana who came to kill Lord Krishna with her poisoned
breast milk was also blessed by His Divine Grace to become His foster
Mother in Goloka. Is there any limit to His Grace!

...apArakaruNA-sindhur bhagavAn bhaktatatparaH || 142||

|| iti gopAla sahasranAmastotram

Jaya Sri Radhey!
anuraag - Thu, 28 Apr 2005 23:07:55 +0530
SB 1.11.35

sa eSa nara-loke 'sminn
avatIrnNaH sva-mAyayA
reme strI-ratna-kUTastho
bhagavAn prAkRto yathA

That Supreme Lord Sri Kṛishna,
out of His causeless mercy,
appeared on this earth
by His internal potency
and enjoyed Himself amongst
precious gems of women as if
He were engaging in mundane affairs.

taM menire 'balA mUDhAH
straiNaḿ cAnuvrataḿ rahaH
apramANa-vido bhartur
IzvaraM matayo yathA

The simple and delicate women truly thought that Lord Sri Kṛishna,
their beloved husband, followed them and was dominated by them.
They were unaware of the extent of the glories of their Husband,
as the atheists are unaware of Him as the supreme controller

SB 1.11.39

anugrahAya bhaktAnAM
mAnuSaM deham AsthitaH
bhajate tA dRzIh krIdA
yAH zrutvA tat paro bhavet

SB 10.33.36

Out of His causeless Grace and unlimited Compassion,
Lord Krishna descends on earth in a Human Form and
exhibits His transcendental pastimes, so that
the conditioned souls may be attracted to
hearing those Blissful exploits performed by Him and
become absorbed in Divine Love contemplation.

anuraag - Sun, 01 May 2005 20:03:45 +0530
Namaste all.

Sri Krsna praises Sri Balarama in the forest,
and Sri Suka muni introduces the speech by saying:

"Thus the 'Adi Purusa (the Primal Person)'
addressed His elder Brother."
Not only the Primal Being (contadictingly)
having an elder Brother but also addressing
and praising Balarama as His elder Brother is
certainly a wonderful thing. rolleyes.gif

SB 10.15.4: The primeval Lord saw that the stately trees, with their beautiful reddish buds and their heavy burden of fruits and flowers, were bending down to touch His feet with the tips of their branches. Thus He smiled gently and addressed His elder brother.

SB 10.15.5: The Supreme Personality of Godhead said: O greatest of Lords, just see how these trees are bowing their heads at Your lotus feet, which are worshipable by the immortal demigods. The trees are offering You their fruits and flowers to eradicate the dark ignorance that has caused their birth as trees.

SB 10.15.6: O original personality, these bees must all be great sages and most elevated devotees of Yours, for they are worshiping You by following You along the path and chanting Your glories, which are themselves a holy place for the entire world. Though You have disguised Yourself within this forest, O sinless one, they refuse to abandon You, their worshipable Lord.

SB 10.15.7: O worshipable one, these peacocks are dancing before You out of joy, these doe are pleasing You with affectionate glances, just as the gopīs do, and these cuckoos are honoring You with Vedic prayers. All these residents of the forest are most fortunate, and their behavior toward You certainly befits great souls receiving another great soul at home.

SB 10.15.8: This earth has now become most fortunate, because You have touched her grass and bushes with Your feet and her trees and creepers with Your fingernails, and because You have graced her rivers, mountains, birds and animals with Your merciful glances.

But above all, You have embraced the young cowherd women between Your two arms a favor hankered after by the Goddess of fortune Herself. blush.gif

Very astonishing, isn't it? ohmy.gif

Translations are from:
anuraag - Tue, 24 May 2005 20:58:24 +0530
Namaste all.

Devotees can recognize these beautiful verses often melodiously
chanted by Sri Kripaluji Maharaj at the beginning prayer (vandana) of
his discourses broadcasted worldwide. smile.gif

apaharati mano me ko'pyayam kRSNa cauraH
praNata durita cauraH pUtanA prANa cauraH
valaya vasana cauro bAla gopIjanAnAM
nayana hRdaya cauraH pazyatAM sajjanAnAM

(Padyavali - 101)

Even my heart is stolen by the unique Dark Thief,

Who kindly steals all the accumulated sins
of the surrendered souls,
Who skillfully stole the life-breath of Putana,
Who has naughtily stolen the garments and ornaments
of young maiden gopis of Vraja,
Who cleverly steals away the heart as well as
the eyes of those blessed souls who visualize Him!
vedAnuddharate jagannivahate bhUgolambhibhrate
daityam dArayate balim chalayate kSatrakSayam kurvate/
paulastyam jayate halam kalayate kArunyamAtanvate
mlecchAnmurchayate dazAkRtikRte krsnAya tubhyam namah//

The reviver of Vedas as a fish,
bearer of this earth as tortoise,
uplifter and supporter of earth as wild boar,
slasher of Hiranyakashyapa as lion-man,
deluder of Bali as dwarf-boy,
annihilator of Kshatriyas as Parashu Rama,
conqueror of Ravana, the legatee of Paulastya, as Rama,
wielder of plough as Bala Rama,
fosterer of non-violence as Buddha,
mangler of fractious races as Kalki, and
[color=blue]as you alone can put on ten semblances, rolleyes.gif
thus oh, Krishna, my reverences are unto you...

[Jayadeva, Gita Govinda 1-5]

The Rasik saints have enjoyed every pastime of Lord Krishna as a
special play of Divine Grace, including the other blissful incarnations. biggrin.gif

Jaya Sri Radhey!
Given below is a comment on the G.G. shloka from::
Comment: In all the incarnations Vishnu has not taken a selfsame
physique excepting in Krishna incarnation. Vishnu will be in his milky
abode and Krishna is brought up in a milky environ. Vishnu comfortably
reclines on Thousand-hooded serpent, while Krishna has never been in
any uncomfortable position like Rama, Parashu Rama, and Vishnu has
three wives whereas Krishna is having eight of them, so on and so forth.
Hence, the poet is focussing his attention on Krishna alone.
alankaara - diipaka; cChandam - kiiti dhavala; shaarduula vikriiDitam
is its metre. With this, the auspicious beginning of the poetic work
is over and he is entering into the subject matter of this work.
anuraag - Wed, 22 Jun 2005 22:13:00 +0530

parama kAruNiko na bhavat paraH
parama zocyatamo na ca matparaH

iti vicintya hare! mayi pAmare
yaducitaM yadunAtha! tadAcara

- Padyavali-66, anonymous or ? Sri Shankara

"O my Beloved, Hari!
There is no one supremely gracious apart from Yourself!
There is no one more fallen and distressed than my poorself!
Keeping this in Your mind, O Lord of Yadu Dynasty,
please do as You please with this dull ignorant! "

Adi Jagadguru Bhagavatpada Sri Shankaracharya expressed a very
similar sentiment in the verse of 'Sivananda Lahari'- 13:

asAre sansAre nijabhajana dUre jaDa dhiyA
bhramantaM mAmandhaM parama kRpayA pAtum ucitam
madanyaH ko dInas tava kRpaNa rakSAti nipuNaH
tvadanyaH ko vA me trijagati zaraNyaH pazupate

zivAnanda lahari 13

In the first verse, the Saint has addressed to
Yadu-pate (nAtha) - Lord Krishna
In the second verse the Saint has addressed to
Pazu-pate - Lord Shiva

Sri Shankara used similar vocabulary in his last verse of
'Sri Jagannatha Ashtakam' which was immensely enjoyed
by Sri Gauranga Mahaprabhu:

hara tvaM sansAraM druta-taraM asAraM sura-pate!
hara tvaM pApAnAM vitatIM apAraM yadava-pate!

aho dine 'nAthe nihita-caraNo nizcitaM idaM
jagannAtha svAmi nayana-patha-gAmi bhavatu me

Two times 'hara' (with implied sweet meaning) was used
addressing- Sura pate and Yadava pate!
apaharati mano me ko'pyayam kRSNa cauraH
praNata durita cauraH pUtanA prANa cauraH
valaya vasana cauro bAla gopIjanAnAM
nayana hRdaya cauraH pazyatAM sajjanAnAM

(Padyavali - 101)
anuraag - Wed, 06 Jul 2005 06:56:11 +0530
so'yaM munIndra jana mAnasa tApa hArI,
so'yaM mada vraja vadhU vasan ApahArI,
so'yaM tRtIya bhuvanezvara darpa hArI,
so'yaM madIya hRdayAmburuh ApahArI !

- Sri Krishna Karnamritam 1. 82,
Sri Bilva Mangala Thakur

Lord Krishna Himself is the Extinguisher of the fire of separation
in the hearts of His Rasik Saints and His surrendered devotees!

Beloved Hari Himself is the Stealer of the garments belonging to
the youthful, bathing Gopis, who are intoxicated with Divine Love!

Lord Krishna Himself is the Remover of the pride
of puffed up Indra, the ruler of celestial abode!

The same Beloved Hari Himself is the Culprit now,
Who has also plundered my tender lotus heart !

apaharati mano me ko'pyayam kRSNa cauraH
praNata durita cauraH pUtanA prANa cauraH
valaya vasana cauro bAla gopIjanAnAM
nayana hRdaya cauraH pazyatAM sajjanAnAM

- Padyavali - 101 ? Bilva Mangala Thakur
anuraag - Thu, 14 Jul 2005 19:48:06 +0530
Namaste dear blessed souls.
Happy Guru vaar to all.

I recall a hilarious 'pada' of 'Bala Lila Madhuri' composed in Vraja Bhashaa
a few years ago by Sri Kripaluji Maharaj for the singing and contemplative pleasure
of the rasik devotees. I heard it for the first time from him along with
his sweet explanation in the summer of 2000.

I do not have each and every word of the six-lined pada but will give
a short summary of the delightful Lila of the Lord.

"kona duhAvai gayyA, kAnhA, tohe kona duhAvai gayyA..."

Lord Krishna performed many blissful pastimes in Vraja showering
continuous pleasure upon His surrendered souls, the extremely
fortunate pure devotees.

Sri Maharaj ji always makes it a point to stress on the unique Divine
attribute of Lord Krishna's 'bhakta vazya' aspect. Every exploit of
the Lord in Vraja is an act of His unlimited Grace.

Once the young Cowherd-Child, Bala Gopala desiring to do 'His seva',
loving service, to His Gopis, offered to milk their cows, as an act of
humble help. The Gopis were thrilled to have Him in their cow-pen and
get a glimpse of His irresistable beauty and charm while milking their

But one mischievous Gopi started teasing Bala Gopala at the
'milking lila' in this 'pada' of Sri Maharj ji.

She says with a circastic tone,

"O my dear sweet Kanhaia, (pet name for Lord Krishna)!
For heaven's sake, who would let you milk their cows?
Who could be stupid enough to give you that task of milking their cows?
What actually you know about or have any experience in milking the cows?

First of all Your complexion itself is so dark, and on top of it you
carry a black shawl on your shoulders. No wonder if the cows get so
scared of you and wouldn't even let you come close to them at all! blink.gif

You are notorious for your mischief, always your mind and heart is
somewhere else as you're either planning to steal butter in some
Gopi's house or to break their pots or to flirt with some other Gopis
stealing their cloths, ornaments, hearts, etc.,. blush.gif

You are always seem to be lost in your wild thoughts as if you're
contemplating upon your Sweethearts (to bless their selfless Divine
Love practiced for many many lives with the 'fruit' of 'Prema daan'). wub.gif

So you cannot concentrate yourself fully on the task of milking the
cows since your mind is always wandering somewhere else.

Without much concentration, how can you possibly accomplish milking
the udder of the cow as the stream of milk is not properly directed
towards the mouth of the vessel to collect the milk?
The streams of milk are wasted on the ground or at some other place
due to the lack of proper aiming. unsure.gif

Another problem is even if you try to concentrate aiming the stream of
milk from the udder of the cow to fall nicely into the vessel, the job
is only half done! rolleyes.gif

Because with one hand you direct the milk squirting from the udder of
the cow into your own mouth and with the other hand you make the milk
stream from another teat fall into the milk holding vessel.

Thus only half of the milk is being collected by your funny process of
milking! And the other half is consumed by your blessed self! wink.gif

So which fool would let you milk their cows?"

Hearing these teasing remarks by the tough Gopi, Bala Gopala became
disappointed. He has descended on to the earthly abode from Divine
Goloka to enjoy the blissful pastimes of loving service to His pure

Now this mischievous Gopi is ridiculing His performance of milking the
cows. His innocent facial expressions started to change showing the
signs of an impending crying spell. The Gopi immensely enjoyed this
exquisite tender charm and special change in the beauty of the young
Lord's baby face, who is about to cry helplessly! sad.gif

In the concluding verse, the Poet-Saint cleverly changes the words of
the mischievous Gopi. Witnessing the Lord's situation and taking His
side, he tries to rescue Him refuting the Gopi's statement by twisting
her own words, smartly saying:

"ko 'na' duhA vai gayyA, kAnhA tohe ko 'na' duhAvai gayyA..."

Meaning here has completely changed as he separates 'na' from 'ko' -

"Who (which fool of course) would 'not' let you milk their cows?"

"You are such an adorable Sweetheart, and having the blessed vision of
Your Divineself milking their cows is a wonderful benediction.
Which fool can resist from having You at their cow-pen to
whole-heartedly enjoy Your Divine charm and the blissful exploit !"

Another Rasik Saint wrote in his literature:
"In the evening when Radhika hears that Krishna has gone
milking his cows, she is very eager to see that. She goes to a
beautiful garden on the bank of Pavana Sarovara. There she climbs a
watchtower together with her sakhis and manjaris. And they all stare
at Krishna, drinking his beauty through their eyes.

Radhika is astonished by Krishna's beauty and she is describing it to
her girlfriends. She is very carefully looking at different parts of
Krishna's body and all the ornaments, and praising them all.

Krishna is on his knees among his many many cows, he is milking one of
them, and the others are already eager to be touched by him. One cow's
belly touches slightly Krishna's turban making it almost fall off.
This makes Krishna's curly locks fall on his beautiful moonlike face.
His beautiful reddish lips are shining through his locks, and his eyes
are restlessly looking here and there."
anuraag - Tue, 19 Jul 2005 00:14:22 +0530
kva yAsi nanu caurike! pramiSitaM sphuTaM dRzyate
dvitIyam iha mAmakaM vahasi kaMcuke kandukam |
tyajeti navagopikA kucayugaM nimathnan balAl-
lasat pulaka maNDalo jayati gokule kezavaH || 139 ||

Padyavali 139. Sri Dipaka

"Hey, you, smart robber! Where are you running away with delight?
O girl-thief! You're caught red-handed, since the stolen objects
are clearly showing off on yourself.
Listen, you've thieved two game-playing balls
and kept them cleverly hidden in your blouse.
You better leave them both here first and then go on your way."

Uttering these amusing words, the young Lord Krishna forcibly
tried to snatch away the tender breasts of an innocent Gopi.

All glory to the revealing signs of horripilation appeared on
the Divinely thrilled entire body of Lord Hari at that moment!

This was the state of our Lord's (so called)
childhood pastimes in Gokula!
Sri Maharaj ji always makes it a point to stress on the unique Divine attribute of Lord Krishna's 'bhakta vazya' aspect.
Every exploit of the Lord in Vraja is an act of His unlimited Grace.