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Meat served at Nadia school - a related story

nabadip - Wed, 20 Apr 2005 17:52:40 +0530
School head caught stealing meat

Krishnagar, April 19: A primary school headmaster was tied to a tree and slapped by students’ guardians for allegedly stealing meat meant for mid-day meals.

In Nadia’s Purbapara, about 120 km from Calcutta, the guardians raided Nurul Hossain Mallick’s house and recovered 2 kg of meat kept in a bag inside the kitchen.

The headmaster of Purbapara Primary School was tied to a tree during the search.

When the meat was found, the mob hurled abuses, slapped and dragged him to block development officer Ajit Mondal and demanded “action”.

Mondal said: “The villagers set the headmaster free only after I assured them stern action if he was found guilty.”

The block relief officer will probe the charge and submit a report in two days.

Members of the village education committee, who were supervising the cooking of the meal to be served to about 200 students, felt the quantity of meat was less than the 13.8 kg Mallick had claimed. It weighed 2 kg less.

The allocation for mid-day meals was doubled from April and the school authorities introduced meat twice a week.