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Gaudiya padavali kirtan of choice. Whenever you come across an inspiring song, post it here.

Muslim Vaisnava padas -

Gaurasundara - Wed, 20 Apr 2005 05:26:04 +0530
Apart from Mahaprabhu’s famous associate Sri Haridas Thakur, within the history of Chaitanya Vaisnavism there is record of a number of persons originally coming from Muslim backgrounds who later either adopted the Gaudiya Vaisnava faith or at least became strongly influenced by Vaisnava religion and literature. The Bengali scholar Vraja-sundara Sanyal published a collection of songs composed by Islamic Vaisnava poets, named MusalmAn VaiSNava Kavi. Therein he includes works from over forty different Muslim Vaisnava poets, including the Oriya poet Salabeg, Saiyad Martuja from Bengal’s Murshidabad District, Nasir Mamud, and Shah Akbar, who composed poems in glorification of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.
Gaurasundara - Wed, 20 Apr 2005 05:31:08 +0530
Pada-kalpa-taru is a famous Gaudiya Vaisnava songbook compiled in the 1850’s by Gokulananda Sen under the pen name Vaishnava Das. It includes the following beautiful song written in brajabuli language by Nasir Mamud:

Rama and Beautiful Syama


calata rAma sundara zyAma
pAGcanI kAcani vetra veNu
muralI-khuralI gAna ri

Balarama and beautiful Syama Krishna are moving along holding rods for driving the cows,
ropes for binding them, canes, and the flute from which issues sweet notes.

priya zrIdAma sudAma meli
taraNI-tanayA-tIre keli
dhabalI zAGalI Ao ri Ao ri
phukari calata kAna ri

Krishna calls out, “O dear Sridama! O Sudama! Come let us play together on the bank of the daughter of Tarani
(the Yamuna). As He walks, Krishna calls out for His pet cows, “Dhabali! Syamali! Come along.”

bayase kizora mohana bhAti
vadana indu jalada-kAGti
cAru-candri guJjA-hAra
vadane madana-bhAna ri

Young is His age; charming is His beauty. His face is a veritable moon, and His complexion is like that of a dark cloud.
He is decorated with a peacock feather on His head and a necklace of gunja seeds. His face appears like that of the god of love.

lIlAya karata goTha-bihAra
nasira-mAmuda karata Aza
caraNe zaraNa dAna ri

Although He is the essence or the only deity worshipped in the Agamas, nigamas and Vedas,
He is relishing the pastime of herding the cows. Nasir Mamud clings to the hope that He may give him refuge at His lotus feet.
braja - Wed, 20 Apr 2005 07:44:06 +0530
GS, are these from the gopaljiu magazines?
Gaurasundara - Wed, 20 Apr 2005 08:34:53 +0530
Yes Brajaji, this one is. I have one by Salabega somewhere else, which I'll type in when I find it.

You know, all of these padas are so exciting to read. It's almost as if you can hear the tune in your head and you sing it along with the authors. smile.gif