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The Srivas Angan study group.

Welcome to Nimai's Garden - The Srivas Angan study group

Madhava - Sat, 09 Apr 2005 00:55:15 +0530
Welcome to Nimai's Garden!

Nimai's Garden is the study group of Srivas Angan. The study group is open to all who wish to participate. You can participate full-time or part-time, as convenient. However, please only post to the study-area when you are participating and have read the weekly assignment.

In the current format, there will be one assignment per week. As proposed by DharmaChakra, the assignments will be given out on Friday and the first comments will start on Monday. The moderators of the study-area will create the threads for discussions.

Any changes in the study group's dynamics will be announced in this thread.

DharmaChakra has been added as a moderator for this area. smile.gif

Please see the other pinned thread in this forum for the current reading assignment. Please post your questions regarding the study-group in a new thread in this forum.

Jay Radhe!