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Ray Sekhar -

Gaurasundara - Thu, 07 Apr 2005 20:42:13 +0530
Ray Sekhar, or Kavi Sekhar as he sometimes called himself, lived in the late seventeenth century. He was born in the village of Paran in the Burdwan district of West Bengal and was a disciple of Raghunandana Goswami in the line of Lord Nityananda. He was an accomplished poet and wrote many songs in both Brajbuli and Bengali.

Gaurasundara - Thu, 07 Apr 2005 20:52:14 +0530
(KaruNA-rAga or KAmoda-rAga)

madhura madhura gaura-kizora
madhura madhura nATa
madhura madhura saba sahacara
madhura madhura hATa

Sweet, sweet is the youthful Gaura. Sweet, sweet is His dancing.
Sweet, sweet are all His companions. Sweet, sweet is His marketplace.

madhura madhura mRdaGga bAjata
madhura madhura tAna
madhura rasate mAtala bhakata
gAota madhura gAna

Sweet, sweet are the sounds of the mRdaGgas. Sweet, sweet are the rhythms.
His devotees are wild with the sweet nectar of ecstatic spiritual love. Sweet, sweet is their singing.

madhura helana madhura dolana
madhura madhura gati
madhura madhura vacana sundara
madhura madhura bhAti

Sweet is His leaning on a companion and sweet is His swaying to and fro. Sweet, sweet are His motions.
Sweet, sweet are His beautiful words. Sweet, sweet is His effulgent glory.

madhura adhara jini zazadhara
madhura madhura hAsa
Arati pirIti cariti madhura
madhura madhura bhASa

Sweet are His lips that defeat the moon. Sweet, sweet is His laughter.
Sweet is His Arati, His ecstatic spiritual love, and his character. Sweet, sweet is His talking.

madhura yugala nayana rAtula
madhura iGgite cAya
madhura premera madhura bAdara
vaJcita zekhara-rAya

Sweet are his reddish eyes. Sweet are His sidelong glances.
But Sekhar Ray has not attained His sweet loving service.
Gaurasundara - Thu, 07 Apr 2005 21:26:31 +0530

sundara sundara gaurAGga sundara, sundara sundara rUpa
sundara pirIti rAjyera ye-mati sughaDa sundara bhUpa

Beautiful, beautiful is Lord Gauranga-sundara. Beautiful, beautiful is His form.
He is the beautiful king of the beautiful realm of ecstatic spiritual love.

sundara vadane sundara hAsani, sundara sundara zobhA
sundara nayAne sundara cAhani, sundara mAnasa lobhA

Beautiful is His face. Beautiful are His smiles and laughter. Beautiful, beautiful is His glory.
Beautiful are His eyes. Beautiful are His glances. Beautiful are the spiritual longings in His heart.

sundara nAsAte sundara tilaka, sundara dekhite ati
sundara zravaNe sundara kuntala, sundara tAhAra jyoti

Beautiful is His nose. Beautiful is His tilaka. His is sublimely beautiful to see.
Beautiful are His ears. Beautiful is His hair. Beautiful is His effulgence.

sundara mastake sundara kuntala, sundara meghera pArA
sundara gImete sundara dolaye, sundara kusuma-hArA

Beautiful is His head. Beautiful is His hair. He is like a beautiful cloud.
Beautiful is the flower garland that beautifully sways to and fro on His beautiful neck.

sundara nadIyA-nagare bihAra, sundara caitanya-cAnda
sundara lIlAra saundarya nA bujhe, zekhara janama Andha

Beautiful is Chaitanya Chandra who enjoys pastimes in beautiful Nadiya-nagara.
Not understanding the glorious grace of His beautiful pastimes, Shekhara Ray remains blind from birth.