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He herded there... - but we live here

braja - Sat, 02 Apr 2005 10:42:24 +0530
iha vatsAn samacArayad
iha naH svAmI jagau vaMsIm
iti sAsraM gadato me
yamunA-tIre dinaM yAyAt

iha-here; vatsAn-the calves; samacArayat-herded; iha-here; naH-our; svAmI-Lord; jagau-played; vaMzIm-the flute; iti-thus; sa-with; asram-tears; gadataH-speaking; me-of me; yamunA-of the YamunA; tIre-on the shore; dinam-the day; yAyAt-may pass.

"Here our Lord herded the calves, and here He played the flute." I pray that I may pass my days shedding tears as I speak these words on the YamunA's shore.

-zrI Raghupati UpAdhyAya
Advitiya - Mon, 04 Apr 2005 21:07:10 +0530
VRndAvan Das ThAkur said:

adyApiha caitanya ei saba lIlA kare |
yA'ra bhAgye thAke se dekhaye nirantare ||

Those pastimes of Sri Krishna-Chaitanya are still going on and those who are very fortunate can see that through their transcendental vision.

Our soul is now covered by illusion. We are attracted by the chAyA-zakti, the shadow power of Krishna. Therefore we now live far from that transcendental world.
braja - Mon, 04 Apr 2005 23:34:22 +0530

O shelter of VRndAvana, O auspiciousness of VRndAvana, O Lord whose nectar glances are drunk by the people of VRndAvana!

satyaM vRndAvanam anu
sarvAdRzye pade sa-goSThas tvam
vibhavasi satataM tadval
lokair Alokyase 'bhIkSNam

O Lord, as You enter VRndAvana, you come with the cows and boys to a place where all can see You. The people gaze at You at every moment.

Sri Jiva Gosvami :: Gopala-virudavali, Vs 6-7 #
Advitiya - Tue, 05 Apr 2005 01:32:14 +0530
Godruma is nanda-grAma, the city of Nanda and the residence of the gopa -s, where Lord Gauranga performed many pastimes. Having taken milk products for lunch at a cowherd's house in the afternoon, Nimai would go and herd the cows with his gopa friends. The cowherd boys would say, "O brother, you are gopAl. Your form as a brAhmaNa boy does not suit You. Come, we shall carry You on our shoulders and go herd the cows. We shall head towards your mother's place in Mayapur."

Sorry, I don't have the verse.

[from NavadvIpa-bhAva-taraGga]