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Verses, prayers and quotes of choice. If you come across something you find inspiring, please post it here. You can also start threads on a particular theme and regularly post in something related.

Favorite Verses from Daily Practice -

braja - Fri, 01 Apr 2005 07:37:23 +0530
Mantra for entering the temple:

so’sAv adabhra-karuNo bhagavAn vivRddhaprema-
smitena nayanAmburuhaM vijRmbhan |
utthAya viZva-vijayAya ca no viSAdaM
mAdhvyA girApanayatAt puruSaH purANaH || (bhAgavata 3.9.25)

”He, who is imbued with causeless mercy, complete with six-fold opulences, and who has a natural disposition of prema – may that lotus-eyed ancient person, who is engaged in sports of love and who conquers the universe, smilingly bestow His mercy upon me through His words, casting my despair far away.”