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This section is reserved for all varieties of visual content. Post in a series of pictures from a sacred place, upload a video clip if you will, or a recording you made of a sweet kirtan.

The purpose of this section - Please read before posting

Administration - Sat, 19 Mar 2005 08:44:05 +0530
Please read before posting in this section.

The SACRED VIEWS subforum hosts all varieties of media, whether still pictures, video or audio. If you have gathered media of interest or have a single item of interest, of which you'd hope to find more, please post it in.

Please remember that the cyberspace is full of images and we would really prefer to have original content here. Also, pay attention to copyright issues - don't rip that new CD you just got, posting the mp3s here.

Please note that the maximum attached file size is a bit under 2 MB. If you would like to contribute something larger than that, please contact Administration.