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Hari he dayala mora - Acknowledgement and supplication

Madanmohan das - Mon, 21 Feb 2005 22:13:34 +0530

hari he dayAla mora jaya rAdhAnAtha/
bAr bAr eibAr laha nija sAtha//
bahu joni bhrami' nAtha lainu zaraNa/
nijaguNe kRpA kara adhamatAraNa//
jagata-kAraNa tumi jagata jIvana/
tomA chArA kAra nAhi he rAdhAramaNa//
bhuvanamangala tumi bhuvanera pati/
tumi upekhile nAtha ki haibe gati//
bhAviyA dekhinu ei jagata mAjhAre/
tomA vinA keha nAhi e dAse uddhAre//

O Hari! my merciful one. Hail loved lord of Radha!
Time and again have I sought to approach you,
this time please take me as your very own.

Having traversed many wombs, O lord, I come to you for shelter now.
On the strength of your own virtue, take pity and redeem this base wretch.

You are the ultimate cause and life of the world,
leaving you, O lover of Radha, there is none else
( who might grant refuge).

You are the source of well being for the universe,
and of the universe the lord supeme.
Should you neglect me lord, then what is my destination to be?

Having considered and beheld the misery of this world,
I conlude, that aside from you, O Hari, there is none who
might uplift your lowly servant.

I have taken the liberty of an interpretive translation as more literal and accurate renderings are readily available in IGM song books.
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