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Narrations on the pastimes of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Radha-Krishna.

The Meeting of Mahaprabhu and Nityananda Prabhu - Caitanya-bhagavata Madhya 3-4

Gaurasundara - Mon, 21 Feb 2005 08:49:45 +0530

The Meeting of Mahaprabhu and Nityananda Prabhu

- 54 -
In this way, Thakura revealed Himself to all of His sevaks at their houses.

- 55 -
When the servants recognised Prabhu, all their hearts became filled with ecstasy.

- 56 -
They no longer feared the blasphemers and loudly sung ‘Krsna’ at all public places.

- 57 -
In the unifying company of Prabhu, all the devotees performed kirtana day and night in great bliss.

- 58 -
All the devotees assembled together, except for Nityananda. Not seeing His brother, Gauracandra became very morose.

- 59 -
Visvambhara constantly remembered Nityananda, and Nityananda, the Lord Ananta, knew this.

- 60 -
Please hear the narrations regarding Nityananda. His birth and deeds will be briefly described in the form of sutras.

- 61 -
In Radha-desa there is a village named Ekacakra, which is where Nityananda Bhagavan took birth.

- 62 -
Nearby was a deity, by the name of Maudesvara, which was worshipped by Nityananda Haladhara.

- 63-66 -
In this village lived a brahmana named Hadai Pandita, who was greatly renounced and full of compassion.
His chaste wife was named Padmavati, who was a great Vaisnavi and the mother of the universe.
Both the brahmana and his wife were most noble, and in their house Nityananda took birth.
Nityananda Raya was the eldest of their sons, and on seeing all His auspicious qualities one’s eyes were satiated.

- 67 -
His childhood pastimes have been told in the Adi-khanda. Narrating them again will make this book enormous.

- 68 -
In this way Nityananda Raya spent His days engaging in blissful pastimes in the house of Hadai Pandita.

- 69-73 -
Prabhu then contemplated leaving home, but His parents did not give up His company fearing distress in His absence.
If Nityananda’s mother did not see Him for a moment, she considered that moment as equal to a yuga
whereas His father considered it even longer.
Even for a moment, Hadai Ojha could not give up the company of his son Nityananda.
Whether farming, in the house of his disciple, in the marketplace, or on the road - whatever he was doing -
he would glance at Nityananda-candra a hundred times in a moment, fearing that He may leave.

- 74-75 -
Again and again he embraced Him, and His butter-soft body would merge in his body.
In this way he went everywhere accompanied by his son. Nityananda was the life, whereas Hadai was the body.

- 76 -
As the inner overseer, Nityananda knew all. For the sake of duty and also the father’s happiness, He stayed.

- 77 -
By divine providence, one day a handsome sannyasi arrived at the house of Nityananda’s father.

- 78 -
Nityananda’s father invited him for a meal in charity and happily kept him in his house.

- 79 -
Throughout the whole night, the father of Nityananda spent time in his company pleasantly discussing Krsna-katha.

- 80 -
At the hour of dawn when the sannyasi desired to leave, he spoke to Nityananda’s father as follows.

- 81-84 -
The sannyasi said: ‘I have a charitable request for you.’ Nityananda’s father replied: ‘What is your wish?’
The sannyasi said: ‘I have a plan to visit the holy places, but I do not have a suitable brahmana companion.
This eldest son of yours, please give him to me for some days.
I will take great care of Him than my own life, and he will be able to see all the holy places.’

- 85 -
Hearing the words of the sannyasi, the pure brahmana became afflicted with distress and contemplated as follows:

- 86 -
‘This sannyasi has asked for my very life in charity, and if I don’t give, everything will be destroyed.

- 87 -
‘Many mahapurusas in the past have given the wealth of their lives in charity and thereby achieved auspiciousness.

- 88-89 -
‘Previously, Visvamitra begged Dasaratha for his son, Ramacandra, who was his very life.
Although the King could not live without Rama, he nevertheless gave Him. This is what the Puranas say.

- 90-91 -
‘The same thing happened to me today. O Krsna! Please save me from this dilemma!’
By divine providence, it was the same situation, so why wouldn’t the mentality be the same?
Otherwise why would Laksmana appear in his house?

- 92 -
After ruminating in this way, the brahmana went to his wife and explained everything in detail.

- 93 -
On hearing about the request, the chaste wife and mother of the universe said: ‘O Prabhu! You wish is my desire!’

- 94 -
The father of Nityananda then came before the sannyasi with his head down and handed over his son to him.

- 95 -
That best of sannyasis then departed accompanied by Nityananda. In this was, Nityananda left home.

- 96 -
At Nityananda’s departure, the brahmana Hadai Pandita fell unconscious to the ground.

- 97 -
Who can describe the sound of that brahmana’s weeping, the sound of which melted even stones and wood?

- 98-99 -
Becoming overwhelmed and inert in bhakti-rasa, people said ‘Hado Ojha has become crazy’.
For three months he ate nothing, and survived only by the grace of Caitanya.
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Gaurasundara - Mon, 21 Feb 2005 09:06:08 +0530
- 100 -
Why does Prabhu leave someone who is so attached to Him? This is the inconceivable authority of Visnu and Vaisnavas.

- 101-107 -
Kapila Prabhu displayed indifference by leaving behind His widowed mother. Suka left a great Vaisnava father as Vyasadeva without looking back at his face. That jewel of sannyasis displayed indifference by leaving behind His helpless mother, Saci. At a higher level, such renunciation is not renunciation, and only a few great personalities can understand this topic. These pastimes are meant for the deliverance of jives, and even wood melts by hearing such things. On hearing about the lamentation of Sri Raghunandana’s father, even the yavanas weep. In this way Nityananda Raya left home and travelled to the holy places of His own sweet will.

- 108-114 -
Gaya, Kasi, Prayaga, Mathura, Dvaraka, and Nara-Narayana asrama were magnanimously visited. He further visited the place of the Buddhists, the residence of Vyasa, as well as Ranganatha, Setubandha and the Malaya Hills. He then went to Anantapura and fearlessly travelled through uninhabited forests. He visited the Gomati, Gandaki, Sarayu and Kaveri Rivers, and travelled to Ayodhya and the Dandakaranya forest. He went to Trimalla, Vyenkatanatha, Sapta-Godavari, the abode of Mahesa, and Kanyakumari. He visited the Reva, Mahismati, Malla-Tirtha, and Haridvar, where the Ganga descended in ancient times. In this way Nityananda Raya, after travelling to all the holy places, returned to Mathura.

- 115 -
None could recognise this quintessence of Ananta, as He roared loudly on seeing His previous birthplace.

- 116 -
He remained always in the mood of a child, and sported in the dust of Vrndavana without displaying any other mood.

- 117-119 -
He never endeavoured for His meals and repeatedly rolled in the dust of Vrndavana in the mood of a child. No one could understand His magnanimous qualities as he never consumed anything but Krsna-rasa. On some days He drank a little milk is someone offered Him without asking.

- 120 -
In this way Nityananda lived in Vrndavana, while in Navadvipa Gauracandra revealed His glories.

- 121 -
Engaging in constant sankirtana in great bliss, Prabhu was still morose on not seeing Nityananda.

- 122 -
Nityananda knew that Prabhu had revealed Himself, as He had waited in Vrndavana for this moment.

- 123 -
On realising this, He immediately came to Navadvipa where he stayed at the house of Nandana Acarya.

- 124 -
Nandana Acarya was the best of maha-bhagavatas, and could see that His great effulgence was equal to the sun.

- 125 -
He appeared as a great avadhuta with a large body, being extremely grave and looking greatly sober.

- 126 -
Day and night He chanted Krsna-nama. He was the abode of Caitanya and incomparable within the three worlds.

- 127 -
Sometimes He roared loudly in His own ecstasy, appearing greatly intoxicated just like the incarnation of Balarama.

- 128 -
His enchanting face defeated the beauty of millions of moons, and His beautiful smile was the life of creation.

- 129 -
The effulgence of His teeth defeated that of pearls, and His two broad reddish eyes increased the beauty of His face.

- 130 -
His hands stretched down to His knees, and His chest was high. His two very soft lotus feet were expert in movement.

- 131 -
He spoke to everyone with great compassion, and hearing the auspicious words from His mouth destroyed karma and bondage.

- 132 -
When Nityananda Raya arrived in Nadiya, there were shouts of joy all over the world.

- 133 -
Who can describe the glories of that Prabhu who broke the danda of Gaurasundara?

- 134 -
The entire universe is purified by chanting the name of He who delivered the fallen, the foolish, and the merchants.

- 135 -
Nandana Acarya welcomed Him, fed Him, and kept Him in his house.

- 136 -
Whosoever hears about the arrival of Nityananda-candra in Navadvipa will certainly receive the wealth of prema.

- 137 -
When Visvambhara understood that Nityananda had arrived, He became unlimitedly joyful at heart.

- 138 - He had previously given some hint to the assembled Vaisnavas, yet none of them had understood.

- 139 -
“O brothers, in two or three days a mahapurusa will come here.”

- 140 -
By divine providence, Gauracandra met with all the Vaisnavas after worshipping Visnu that same day.

- 141 -
Prabhu told to all assembled: ‘Today I saw something wonderful in a dream.

- 142 -
‘A chariot adorned by a flag marked with a palm tree and expert in bestowing the essence of life on all people arrived at My doorstep.

- 143 -
‘Within the chariot I saw someone with a huge body. He held a post on His shoulder and His walking was unsteady.

- 144 -
‘In His left hand He carried a kamandalu wrapped with cane. He was dressed in blue garments and His head was decorated with a blue cloth.
Gaurasundara - Mon, 21 Feb 2005 09:09:12 +0530

- 145 -
‘His left ear as decorated with a charming earring. By His characteristics I understood Him to be in the mood of Haladhara.

- 146 -
‘He repeatedly inquired ten or twenty times: “Is this the house of Nimai Pandita?”

- 147 -
‘He was dressed like a great and most powerful avadhuta. I have never seen such a personality before.

- 148 -
‘I was filled with respect on seeing Him and asked: “Which great personality are You?”

- 149 -
‘He smiled and said: “I am Your brother. Tomorrow We will meet.

- 150 -
‘I became most pleased on hearing His words, and I considered Myself to be identical with Him.’

- 151 -
While speaking in this way, Prabhu lost His external consciousness and roared loudly in the mood of Haladhara.

- 152 -
“Bring wine! Bring wine!” cried Prabhu, so loudly that whosoever heard those cries almost had their eardrums broken.

- 153-154 -
Srivasa Pandita said: ‘Listen, O Gosai! The wine You desire is only with You. To whomsoever You give it, only they can have it!’
The devotees trembled as they watched from a distance.

- 155 -
All the Vaisnavas contemplated: ‘There must be a reason for this’.

- 156 -
Prabhu, with His reddish eyes, recited padas and laughed as His body swayed back and forth like Sankarsana.

- 157 -
After a while, Prabhu returned to His own state. Then the friend of Rama [Murari Gupta] began to explain the meaning of the dream.

- 158 -
‘I understand in my mind just one thing, that a great personality has arrived here.

- 160 -
‘Go, O Haridasa! Go, O Srivasa Pandita! Go and see who has come.’

- 161 -
The two maha-bhagavatas happily searched all of Navadvipa on the order of Prabhu.

- 162 -
Searching in this way, they confided to each other: ‘It seems that Prabhu Sankarsana has come.’

- 163 -
Overwhelmed with bliss, the two looked everywhere but were unable to get an indication of where He was.

- 164 -
Looking all over Nadiya for nine hours, they then returned back to Prabhu.

- 165-167 -
The two informed the Lord: ‘We have not seen anyone new. We have searched the houses of Vaisnavas, sannyasis and grhasthas, and we even went to the houses of blasphemers.
We have looked all over Navadvipa, but, O Prabhu! We did not go to outside villages.

- 168 -
Gauracandra smiled on hearing the two’s words. By this He revealed that Nityananda is most confidential.

- 169-170 -
Some persons sing the glories of Gauracandra in this incarnation and run away on hearing the name of Nityananda.
If one worships Govinda and does not respect Sankara, by this sin he will go to the residence of Yama.

- 171 -
In this incarnation, Nityananda is most confidential. Only when Caitanya reveals Him can some see Him.

- 172 -
The progress of anyone who blasphemes Him without understanding the depths of His characteristics is obstructed, even if he achieves Visnu-bhakti.

- 173 -
Devotees like Srivasa know the truth regarding Him, but could not see Him for some curious reason.

- 174 -
After a while, Thakura smiled and said: ‘Everyone come and see Him with Me.’

- 175 -
All the devotees happily went in Prabhu’s company while chanting ‘Jaya Krsna’.

- 176 -
Sri Gaurasundara led all the devotees to the house of Nandana Acarya.

- 177 -
Sitting there was one great jewel-like personality. Everyone saw that His effulgence was like millions of suns.

- 178 -
No one could understand His internal mood. He was absorbed in the happiness of His meditation and continually smiled.

- 179 -
Understanding His great bhakti, Prabhu and the devotees offered salutations.

- 180 -
Everyone stood there watching Him in reverence without speaking a word.

- 181 -
Mahaprabhu Visvambhara stood directly in front of Nityananda, who immediately recognised the Lord of His life.

- 182 -
The form of Visvambhara was as attractive as that of Madana. He was decorated with divine sandalwood pulp, flower garlands, and divine garments.

- 183 -
How can the lustre of shining gold be compared with His body? Even the moon desires to see His face!

- 184 -
Accompanied by the devotees, the enchanting Sri Gauranga and Nityananda Raya wander throughout Navadvipa.
- 185 -
The value of pearls is minimised on seeing His beautiful teeth, and one loses consciousness on seeing His top-knotted hair.

- 186 -
One who sees His elongated lotus eyes wonders whether other lotuses exist.

- 187 -
His hands reach down to His knees, and His raised chest is adorned with a thin white yajna-sutra.

- 188 -
His forehead is beautified with upturned tilaka, and His entire body looks enchanting even without ornaments.

- 189 -
What is the beauty of millions of jewels compared with the beauty of His toenails? What is the use of nectar when we see His smile?

- 190 -
Accepting Sri Krsna Caitanya and Nityananda as my life and soul, Vrndavana das sings the glories of Their lotus feet.
Madanmohan das - Mon, 21 Feb 2005 22:38:26 +0530
I'm looking forward to the barhApida...etc., sloka and the description of Sri Nityananda's mad ecstacy.
Gaurasundara - Tue, 22 Feb 2005 07:53:07 +0530

Caitanya-bhagavata 2.4

Glory, glory be to Gauracandra, the life of creation! May Your two lotus feet be constantly fixed in my mind!

- 1 -
As Visvambhara stood in front of Nityananda, Nityananda recognised His Lord.

- 2 -
Nityananda Raya became stunned in ecstasy as He stared at the beautiful form of Visvambhara.

- 3 -
He appeared to be licking that beautiful form with His tongue, drinking it with His eyes, embracing it with His arms, and smelling it with His nose.

- 4 -
In this way Nityananda became stunned. He neither spoke nor did anything, and everyone else was also astonished.

- 5 -
Gaura Raya, the life of all, then devised a means of revealing Nityananda’s identity.

- 6 -
He indicated that Srivasa should recite a sloka from the Bhagavata.

- 7 -
Understanding Prabhu’s gesture, Srivasa Pandita recited a meditative sloka on Krsna.

- 8 -
“As His glories were being sung by the band of gopas, Krsna entered the forest of Vrnda, which was pleasantly transformed by [the touch of] His feet. His form was that of a superb dancer. He wore a peacock feather head ornament, pericarps of lotus flowers on His ears, garments of a reddish-gold colour, and a vaijayanti garland. The nectar of His lips filled the holes of His flute.”

- 9 -
Hearing this verse, Nityananda fell unconscious to the ground.

- 10 -
As Nityananda Raya lost consciousness due to being blissful, Gauranga instructed Srivasa: ‘Recite! Recite!’

- 11 -
Hearing these slokas for some time, Prabhu regained His consciousness and began to weep.

- 12 -
His madness increased and increased as He heard the slokas. He gave a lion-like roar that pierced the universe.

- 13 -
He suddenly jumped into the air and fell forcefully to the ground. Everyone there thought that His bones were smashed.

- 14 -
What to speak of others, even the Vaisnavas were frightened. They prayed: ‘O Krsna! Protect Him! Protect Him!’

- 15 -
As Prabhu rolled on the ground, His entire body became wet with tears.

- 16 -
He signed deeply while looking at Visvambhara’s face. With a heart filled with bliss, He laughed loudly again and again.

- 17 -
One moment He danced, one moment He bowed, one moment He clapped His hands, and one moment He jumped wonderfully with His feet together.

- 18 -
Seeing his wonderful and blissful Krsna-madness, Gauracandra and all the Vaisnavas wept.

- 19 -
His happiness increased and increased, and although they tried to hold Him still they were unable.

- 20 -
When all the Vaisnavas failed to hold Him, Visvambhara took Him on His lap.

- 21 -
Being taken thus on Visvambhara’s lap, Nityananda surrendered His life and became motionless.

- 22 -
Nityananda surrendered His life to whom it belonged and remained inert on Prabhu’s lap.

- 23-24 -
Nityananda floated on the waters of Caitanya’s prema, just as Laksmana, after being hit by the sakti-sela arrow, remained in the lap of Rama. Nityananda lost consciousness after being hit by the arrow of prema-bhakti. Holding Nityananda on His lap, Gauracandra began to cry.

- 25 -
This blissful separation that the Two experienced was similar to what was previously heard of between Rama and Laksmana.

- 26 -
There is no comparison to the affection between Gauracandra and Nityananda other than that which is found between Rama and Laksmana.

- 27 -
Then Nityananda regained external consciousness and all of the devotees rejoiced while chanting ‘Hari’.

- 28 -
Gadadhara, seeing Nityananda on the lap of Visvambhara and surprised at the reversal of roles, smiled within His mind.

- 29 -
‘The pride of Ananta who holds Visvambhara is smashed today, being held in the latter’s lap.’

- 30 -
Nityananda’s glories are known to Gadadhara, whereas Nityananda knows the mind of Gadadhara.

- 31 -
Seeing Nityananda, the minds of all the devotees became filled with Nityananda-maya.

- 32 -
As Nityananda and Gauracandra gazed at each other, They did not speak as tears flowed from Their eyes.

- 33 -
They were both filled with happiness on seeing each other, and the earth became flooded with the tears of Their eyes.

- 34 -
Visvambhara said: ‘Today is a happy day for Me for I have seen bhakti-yoga, the essence of the four Vedas.

- 35 -
‘Are such shivering, tears and loud roaring possible for anyone other than one who is empowered by the Lord?

- 36 -
‘Krsna will not give up one who even once sees such power of bhakti with his own eyes.
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Gaurasundara - Tue, 22 Feb 2005 08:01:20 +0530

- 37-43 -
‘I understand that you are the full power of the Lord. Only by worshipping You can jivas attain Krsna-bhakti.
You are able to purify the fourteen worlds, and your confidential characteristics are inconceivable and unfathomable.
Being the personified wealth of Krsna-prema-bhakti, who can recognise You?
Associating with You even for a moment will deliver one of millions of sins.
I understand that Krsna will deliver Me, because He has given Me Your company.
Out of great fortune have I seen Your feet, for just by worshipping You I will achieve the wealth of Krsna-prema-bhakti.’
Prabhu Gauranga-sundara was fully absorbed as He incessantly offered prayers unto Nityananda.

- 44 -
Nityananda and Caitanya conversed with each other through signals and gestures that were unknown to others.

- 45 -
Prabhu said: ‘I am afraid to ask, but from which direction have You come?’

- 46 -
The greatly overwhelmed Nityananda displayed the mentality of a child and spoke with the restlessness of a young boy.

- 47 -
He understood: ‘This is My Prabhu who has descended.’ He folded his hands and spoke.

- 48 -
He was embarrassed on hearing Prabhu glorify Him, so He explained all of Prabhu’s statements.

- 49-51 -
Nityananda said: ‘I have visited many holy places and seen various sites of Krsna’s pastimes.
I could only see the places, but could not see Krsna.
I asked some people as to why all the thrones were covered. I asked them: “O brothers! Where has Krsna gone?”

- 52 -
‘They said: “Krsna has gone to Gauda-desa. After visiting Gaya a few days ago, He returned there.”

- 53-54 -
‘I heard that in Nadiya there is much hari-sankirtana. Someone said: “Narayana has taken birth here.”
I also heard that the fallen are delivered in Nadiya, and since I am so sinful I have come here.’

- 55-56 -
Prabhu said: ‘We are all fortunate to have a great devotee like You amongst us.
Today we consider that our lives have become successful upon seeing Your flowing tears of love.’

- 57 -
Murari smiled and said: ‘You understand Yourselves, but we do not understand anything that You are saying.’

- 58 -
Srivasa said: ‘What can we understand of that? It is as if Madhava and Sankara are worshipping each other.’

- 59 -
Gadadhara said: ‘O Pandita! What you have said is correct. I realise that Their characteristics resemble those of Rama and Laksmana.’

- 60 -
Someone said: ‘These Two are like two Kamas.’ Another said: These Two are like Krsna and Balarama.’

- 61 -
Someone said: ‘I don’t know so much, but it appears that Sesa is lying on Krsna’s lap.’

- 62 -
Someone said: ‘These Two are just like the two friends Krsna and Arjuna, because they are filled with such affection.’

- 63 -
Someone said: ‘These Two know each other very well, and I cannot understand anything They say through Their gestures.’

- 64 -
In this way all the devotees happily discussed the meeting with Nityananda.

- 65 -
Whosoever hears about the meeting of Nityananda and Gauracandra is freed from bondage.

- 66 -
Nityananda serves as His companion, friend, brother, umbrella, bed, and vehicle.

- 67 -
He serves Prabhu in various ways out of His own sweet will; only one favoured by Him can serve the Lord.

- 68 -
Even the adi-deva and great yogi, Lord Mahadeva, does not know the limit of His glories.

- 69 -
The progress of anyone who blasphemes Him without understanding the depths of His characteristics is obstructed, even if he achieves Visnu-bhakti.

- 70 -
This is my mind’s desire, that Nityananda Rama, who is dear to Caitanya, be the Lord of my life.

- 71 -
By His mercy Caitanya attracted my mind, and by His order I am writing this stuti of Caitanya.

- 72 -
Just as ‘Raghunatha’ and ‘Yadunatha’ are different names [for the same person], so also ‘Nityananda’ and ‘Baladeva’ are different.

- 73 -
Desiring to cross the ocean of samsara and drown in the ocean of bhakti, one must worship Nitaicander.

- 74 -
Whosoever attentively chants these topics will certainly receive, along with his associates, benedictions given by Visvambhara.

- 75 -
The name of Visvambhara is very rare in this world. That Prabhu Caitanya is the wealth and life of all.

- 76 -
Accepting Sri Krsna Caitanya and Nityananda as my life and soul, Vrndavana das sings the glories of Their lotus feet.
Madanmohan das - Wed, 23 Feb 2005 05:23:52 +0530
Text 8 there was the barhApida sloka. I don't think that Srivasa was reciting any other sloka but that same one over and over.
Gaurasundara - Wed, 23 Feb 2005 05:42:53 +0530
Just in case got it wrong, this is the original Bengali:

10. Ananda mUrchita hailA nityAnanda-rAya
"paDa, paDa" srIvAsere gaurAGga zikhAya

11. zloka zuni' kata-kSaNe hailA cetana
tabe prabhu lAgilena karite krandana

12. punaH punaH zloka zuni' bADaye unmAda
brahmANDa bhedaye hena zuni' siMha-nAda
Madanmohan das - Sun, 27 Feb 2005 16:47:54 +0530
10. When Nityananda Ray fell into a swoon of ecstatic bliss,
Sri Gauranga charged Srivasa, " recite! recite!

11. Hearing the sloka, after some time he regained consciousness
and then the lord ( Nitai) began to weep.

12. Hearing the sloka again and again served to augment his love-madness,
and with the sound of his pealing lion's roar he cracked the cosmic egg!

Gaaaauuuur hari bol!