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Sri Nityananda Das Babaji - From Saints of Vraja

Madanmohan das - Mon, 21 Feb 2005 01:39:17 +0530
One of the most fascinating of all the biographies of the Gaudiya saints

Sri Nityananda Das Babaji

Amongst all the siddha mahatmas of Vrndavana the personality of siddha Nityananda Das Babaji, disciple of siddha Krsna Das Babaji of Govardhan, was unique. His lila smarana, whether in the state of jagaran (awake), svapna (dreaming), or susupti (deep sleep), was continuous like a stream. In his waking state it appeared as if he were asleep, because in waking he controlled his bhava and remained mostlty grave, motionless and samadhistha ( absorbed in deep meditation). When made to get up for essential activities like bathing and eating, he got up like one who is in deep sleep. But in actual sleep, while experiencing lila he laughed, wept or talked as if he were awake; because in sleep it was not possible for him to control the bhava. Therfore, it was not possible to determine whether at any particular time he was asleep or awake.
Under the circumstances he was not readily available for conversation. Nevertheless, people who came to him to ask questions and get their doubts resolved and difficulties removed, did not return disappointed. Their doubts were resolved and difficulties removed merely by sitting in his presence.
Madanmohan das - Mon, 21 Feb 2005 23:08:27 +0530
The most remarkable thing about him was his unparalleled humility. Even in his half-conscious state, when someone came to him, even if he were his own disciple, he would immediately make prostrations before the other got the chance to do the same. If anyone said anything in self-abasement in his presence, he thought that he was indirectly extolling him; because for him there was no one in this world lower than himself, and he began to weep.

Baba was a siddha mahatma and the guru of siddha mahatmas like pandit Ramakrnsa das and Gaurakishora Siromani. Even Krsna was under his subjugation on account of his bhakti. It may appear therefore that he only pretended to be humble or lowly; but there can be no question of pretence or fiegning in the conduct of a siddha mahatma such as he was.

Perchance someone would say to Baba, " Your such and such disciple has been very much agrieved because you make prostration to him. Was it proper for you to do so?" Then he would say in dismay, " Now what should I do? Kindly advise. He is a mahabhagavat ( a great devotee). Krsna has kindly sent him to me. If my conduct causes him unhappiness, I commit an offence against him. Henceforth I shall not behave like this towards him." But when that disciple came to him again, he would forget everything and again prostrate himself before him by way of dandavat pranam. biggrin.gif

Siddha Nityananda Das Babaji used to live in Madanmohan Thaura. Prominent among his disciples were Sri Vraja Kishora das babaji, Sri Nrsinga dasji, Sri Ramakrsna das pandit babaji, Gaurakishora Siromani Maharaja and Sri Narottama das Adhikari.