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Full Membership - Filling in a profile - If you want to post everywhere

Madhava - Sun, 20 Feb 2005 00:44:46 +0530
This thread is posted to clarify the topic of full membership.

Who is a Full Member? Full member is someone who wishes to seriously participate in the discussions onboard, and who has adequately filled in his member profile and notified the administrator of the same.

Excessive anonymity often leads to a degradation of post quality, as people feel they can get away with saying anything. Therefore the posting rights of unidentified members are restricted. Members whose posting rights are restricted are limited to posting into the following forums:

- Questions and Answers - For questions and answers about Gaudiya Vaishnavism.
- Community, Moderation and Feedback - If you need to clarify something concerning the way the forums work, ask about our customs and so forth.
- Health and Related Topics - Goes without an explanation, however try to stick to topics that are likely to be relevant to the audience here. (Eg. health when traveling to India.)
- Tech Issues - Goes without an explanation, however try to stick to topics that are likely to be relevant to the audience here.
- Test Zone - Learn to use BB-code, test the way the forum works before you go live.

Restricted members are not allowed to use the forums above for posting topics that would belong to other subforums reserved only for Full Members.

If, for some pressing reason, you have a good reason to not fill in your profile but you'd like to nevertheless participate in other forums, at least let the moderators know who you are. Contact us by PM.

What should I fill into my profile?

For example, the following items would be welcome:The aspects above should give us a fairly good picture of who we are. A photo is of course great, if possible. At least I personally like to know how people I am talking with look like.

Let me add that of course nobody needs to give their legal names, addresses or anything of the sort. Just let us know who you are in terms of your interests and history to help us relate to you and know where you're coming from.

Should a full member remove his profile, his membership is subject to being downgraded again.

To edit your profile, go to My Controls at the top right of the view, and see the "Personal Profile" section there. Please read this thread for more information on the background of this principle of ours.
Madhava - Sun, 20 Feb 2005 02:42:12 +0530
When filling in your profile, please err on the side of being generous. We all love to hear about you.

Some good sample profiles you may want to look at to get an idea:

- Babhru
- DharmaChakra
- Kalkidas
- Jagat

Of course you don't have to be as elaborate as some of our good members above. However, being elaborate is allowed very much. smile.gif