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Midday Bhojan pada - Manohar das

Madanmohan das - Wed, 16 Feb 2005 15:18:58 +0530
Midday Bhojan song

bhaja govinda mAdhava giridhAri /
kunda tire bhojan karena kisora kisori /
keli kalA rasa manohAri //

Worship Govinda Madhava Giridhari !
Whose rapturous exploits captivate the mind.
Kisora and kisori enjoy a picknick on the banks of the lake.

zrI rAdhA kundete kari jala keli snAna /
divya veSa bhUsa hari kari paridhAna //

After playing water-sports and having bathed in Radha kunda,
Hari is adorned with pleasing ornaments and dressed in lustrous garments.

sakhI saha divya veSa parilena rAi /
bhojanera sayjA tabe karilena jAy //

Rai (Radha) and her sakhis are also freshly attired in ambrosial garments
and then proceed to make arrangements for serving the picknick.

carvya coSya lehya peya nAnA upahAra /
divya svarna pAtra bhari dhare thare thara //

Various items are prepared, either for chewing, sucking, licking or drinking-
heaped on brilliant golden plates and kept in separate rows.

mistAnna pakkAnna anna suvAsita jala /
samskAra kariyA dhare nAnA jAti phala //

There are sweet rice, fried rice, plain rice,and large varieties fruit,
washed and cut in diverse fashions as well as scented drinking water.

zrI padma mandira madhye kariyA sAjana /
puspAsana diyA pare karena AhvAna //

All the items are kept in the centre of the Padma mandira,
flower petal seats are placed around,
and Krsna is invited to come and enjoy the dainty cates.

sakhA saha kRSNacandra karena bhojana /
pariveze zrI rAdhikA Anande magana //

Moon-like Krsna along with his companions enjoy the meal,
and Radhika, immersed in rapturous joy, serves the items.

rAdhikAra haste lalitA dey bArAiyA /
zyAma priya dravya zyAma mukha pAne cAiyA //

Lalita hands Radhika all the dishes, and she places before Syama his favorate items,
all the while gazing at his dark and handsome countenance.

hAsya parihAsa kata saha sakhAgana /
Anande karena hari madhyAhna bhojana //

What joy! what laughter! what joking!
Hari takes his midday repast with the sahkas in great delight.

bhojana kariyA pare kailA Acamana /
puspAsane basi karena tAmbula carvana //

Having finished the meal, Krsna rinses his mouth and hands,
and sitting down on a flower bedecked asana, chews a succulant betel leaf wrap.

sakhI saha rAi tabe karena bhojana /
zyAmera adharAmrta ati hrsta mana //

Rai, with all the sakhis, then partakes of the rich repast,
highly gratified at the taste of Shyam's lips on his ambrosial leavings.

Acamana kari karena tAmbula carvana /
zyAma sange puspAsane karena zayana //

Rinsing her hands and mouth, she chews Syama's left-over betel wrap
and then goes to lie down with him on the flower strewn bed.

sevA parA dAsi kare pAda samvAhana /
manohara dAsa gAya maNgala bhojana //

The expert maids-in-attendance render such services as gently massaging thier feet,
(fanning and so forth), while Manohara Das sings the Mangal Bhojan.

Jnatavya-note, this kirtan pada by padakarta Manohara das is suitable for midday bhoga offerings in preferance to Thakura Bhaktivinoda's bhojan kirtan because the latter depicts the morning feast and Nandisvara and is therefore more appropriately sung in the morning.
See also Govinda Lilamrta 15, slokas 99 to the end of the chapter. And for the morning chapter 4, slokas 20 - 69.
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