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Laughing stock - Ha Jagannatha!....some chastisement

Sakhicharan - Wed, 16 Feb 2005 04:10:46 +0530
Krishna relishes being chastised by His loving bhakta more than He relishes being eulogized by the devotee with rituals of worship.

"After suffering the pangs of separation
So long Thy lotus feet I came to see.
But in hiding doth Thou remain
Only to tease, tempt and torment me.
O son of Nanda! For the sake of Thy love
I left the world, the family and kith and kin
The pleasures of life and all the rest
Only to please Thee and Thy heart to win
But now what shall I say and to whom?
How you smiled. winked and played the flute
Then turned so cruel, so cold and mute.
After all Thou art a cowherd, who lives with cows
And knoweth only the cows and calves to tend.
In love Thou art a novice, a laughing-stock!
Who knows not how in love to dally,
dance, mend, and bend."

sung by Sri Barha Baba
Talasiga - Wed, 16 Feb 2005 05:30:42 +0530
Aadi Purusham is a primal therapist. biggrin.gif