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Narrations on the pastimes of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Radha-Krishna.

The Meeting of Mahaprabhu and Advaita Prabhu - Caitanya-bhagavata Madhya 6

Gaurasundara - Wed, 16 Feb 2005 00:58:03 +0530
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The Meeting of Mahaprabhu and Advaita Prabhu

Glories, glories to the divine Sri Krsna Caitanyacandra! Glories, glories to His eternally pure fame!
Glories, glories to the embodiment of the universe! Glories, glories to His servants and beloved associates!

-2 -
Glory, glory be to Gauracandra, the life of the universe! Please give Your two feet in charity to my heart!

Glory, glory be to Visvambhara, the auspiciousness of the universe! Glory, glory be to the servants of Gauracandra!

Glory be to He who is the life of Sri Paramananda Puri! Glory be to He who is the life and wealth of Damodara Svarupa!

Glory be to the dear Lord of Rupa and Sanatana! Glory be to He who is the heart of Jagadisa and Gopinatha!

Glory, glory to the Lord of Govinda the door-keeper! O Prabhu, please bestow your merciful glance on the jivas!

In this way Gauracandra, in the company of Nityananda, enjoyed sankirtana-pastimes with the devotees.

Now hear the description of Advaita's darshan of the Lord in this Madhya-khanda.

One day Mahaprabhu, in the mood of Isvara, lovingly instructed Ramai:

'Go, Ramai, to the residence of Advaita and tell Him of My manifestation.

'For whom He worshipped for so long, for whom He cried profusely for, for whom He fasted for - this Prabhu has now manifest.

'He has arrived to distribute bhakti-yoga, and He should come immediately to join Me.

'Secretly tell him about the arrival of Nityananda. Whatever else you have seen, tell Him.

'Tell Him to quickly come here with His wife and the articles for My puja.'

Being ordered thus, Ramai, the younger brother of Srivasa, contemplated 'Hari Hari' and immediately left.

Ramai, being overwhelmed with bliss, did not know which way he was going. By Sri Caitanya's will he arrived at his destination.

Offering his salutations to [Advaita] Acarya, Ramai Pandita was unable to speak due to being filled with bliss.

By the power of bhakti-yoga, the all-knowing Advaita understood that ‘Prabhu’s order has arrived.’

On seeing Ramai, He smiled and said: ‘I know you have come here to take Me.’

With folded hands, Ramai Pandita said: ‘You know everything. Please come immediately.’

Becoming overwhelmed in bliss, Acarya Gosai did not know anything and forgot His own body.

Who can understand the grave characteristics of Advaita? Knowing everything, He acts like an ordinary person.

‘Where is it stated that Gosai [Bhagavan] comes amongst humans? Which sastra speaks of an incarnation in Nadiya?

‘My devotion, detachment and spiritual knowledge are fully known to your brother Srinivasa.’

Being fully aware of Advaita’s characteristics, Ramai did not reply and simply smiled to himself.

Such are Advaita’s characteristics, which are unfathomable. They are auspicious for the devotees and impediments for the miscreants.

He further said: ‘Tell, tell, Ramai Pandita! What is the reason for your sudden arrival?’’

Understanding Acarya to be peaceful, Ramai Pandita sobbed and spoke:

'For whom You worshipped for so long, for whom You cried profusely for, for whom You fasted for - this Prabhu has now manifest.

‘He has arrived to distribute bhakti-yoga, and He has ordered You to join Him immediately.

‘Please bring the six ingredients for His puja, as he has ordered You to come with Your wife.

‘Nityananda Svarupa as arrived. He is Prahu’s second body and Your life.

‘You know Him in full, what can I tell You? If I am fortunate I will see You all together.’
Gaurasundara - Wed, 16 Feb 2005 00:59:39 +0530

Hearing thus from the mouth of Ramai, Advaita raised His hands and began to cry.

As He cried, He fell unconscious in bliss. Seeing this, all the devotees were astonished.

After a while He regained outer awareness and roared loudly, exclaiming: 'I have brought Him! I have brought Him, My Prabhu!

'Because of Me, Prabhu has left Vaikuntha!' Speaking in this way He cried and rolled on the ground.

On hearing about Prabhu's manifestation, Advaita's chaste wife, the mother of the universe, wept blissfully.

Even though Advaita's son, whose name was Acyutananda, was only a small child, He also wept incessantly.

Advaita wept along with His wife and son. All the servants surrounding Them also wept.

Nobody was aware of who cried and where, as Advaita's household became filled with Krsna-prema.

Advaita then tried to compose Himself but was unable. His body continually rocked back and forth in bhava-vesa.

He said to Ramai: 'What did Prabhu tell Me?' Ramai replied: 'To come quickly.'

Advaita said: 'Listen, O Ramai Pandita! If My Prabhu acts as such, I will have faith in Him.

'If He displays His aisvarya for My vision and places His auspicious feet on My head,
then I will know He is My prana-natha. Truly, I say to you that this is the truth.'

Ramai said: O Prabhu, what can I say? If I am fortunate I will see this with my own eyes.

O Prabhu, whatever You desire is also His desire. Because of You, Prabhu [Caitanya] has incarnated.'

Advaita was pleased to hear Ramai's statement. He then began to make arrangements for the happy journey.

He said to His wife: 'Get ready quickly. Take the puja-articles and let us go.'

The chaste wife knew the truth about Caitanya, and she gathered together sandalwood paste, flower garlands, incense and cloth.

She also took some of Prabhu's favourite items like ksira, yoghurt, cream, butter, camphor and tambula.

Advaita Mahaprabhu then departed along with His wife, before forbidding Ramai from informing anything thus.

'Tell Him, "Acarya has not come." Then I will see what My Prabhu says.'

'Secretly I will stay in the house of Nandana Acarya, but you tell Him, "He has not come."'

Residing in the heart of all, Prabhu Visvambhara understood Advaita's resolution.

Knowing about Acarya's impending arrival, Prabhu went to the house of [Srivasa] Thakura Pandita.

Almost all of Prabhu Caitanya's devotees gathered there by His will.

Everyone could understand that Prabhu was absorbed in ecstasy, and thus they all became anxious and stood there silently.

With a loud roar, Tridasa Raya sat on the throne of Visnu.

Repeatedly, He declared: 'Nada is coming, Nada is coming. Nada wants to see My Lordship.'

Nityananda knows the desires of Prabhu, and with this understanding He held an umbrella over Prabhu's head.

Gadadhara similarly understood and proceeded to offer camphor and tambula. All the devotees served according to their favourable mood.

Some offered prayers, and some offered various services. At that time Ramai arrived there.

Before Ramai could speak, Prabhu said: 'Nada has sent you to test Me.'

'Nada is coming,' said Prabhu as He rolled His head. 'He knows Me well yet He always tests Me.

'I know Nada is hiding at the house of Nandana Acarya and that He has sent you to test Me.

'Quickly go and bring Him here, I am happily saying this with My own mouth.'
Gaurasundara - Wed, 16 Feb 2005 01:26:15 +0530
Blissfully going again to see Advaita, Ramai Pandita explained everything that was said.

On hearing thus, Advaita Acarya floated in waves of bliss. Having fulfilled His purpose, He immediately went to see Prabhu.

He and His wife offered dandavats again and again from a distance while reciting prayers as they approached .

They came before Prabhu and surrendered at His fearless lotus feet, seeing His matchless beauty which enchants the entire universe.

His youthful beauty defeated that of millions of Kandarpas, and His effulgence resembled molten gold.

His cheerful face defeated millions of moons, and He always bestowed mercy on Advaita.

His two arms, decorated with various ornaments and jewels, resembled golden pillars.

His broad chest was decorated with the Srivatsa mark and the great Kaustubha jewel. He wore shark-shaped earrings and the Vaijayanti garland.

His unlimited effulgence defeated millions of suns. Rama [Laksmi] sat at His lotus feet and Ananta held an umbrella over His head.

No one could distinguish His toenails from jewels. Standing in a tribhanga pose, He smiled as He played a flute.

Advaita saw Prabhu, His associates and His ornaments as full of effulgence.

He saw personalities with four, five and six heads offering salutations, and He saw Narada and Suka offering prayers in great awe.

He saw a beautiful woman who resembled Ganga sitting on a shark and offering salutations to the Lord.

Then He saw the thousand-headed Ananta offering prayers as the effulgent devas watched on all sides.

Acarya turned His head and saw thousands of devas chanting 'Krsna' at the feet of the Lord.

Those devas that are meditated upon at the time of puja were all seen surrounding the lotus feet of the Lord.

Seeing this opulence, Advaita got up from His prostrated position and was struck with wonder.

He saw the entire sky filled with divine chariots, and the airways congested with elephants, swans, and horses.

Millions and millions of naga-wives were offering prayers while chanting 'Krsna'with tears in their eyes.

There was no vacant place left on the earth or in the sky. He saw many Maharishis offering salutations in a single corner.

Seeing that great display of lordship, both husband and wife were stunned and became speechless.

The most-merciful Prabhu Visvambhara looked at Advaita and spoke as follows:

'I have descended to fulfill Your desires, for You have profusely worshipped Me.

I was resting in the ocean of milk, but My sleep was broken by Your loud roaring.

'Seeing the miseries of jivas, you could not tolerate it and so You have brought Me to deliver these jivas.

'All of My associates that You just saw surrounding Me have already taken birth because of You.

'By Your mercy, Vaisnavas that even Brahma desires to see will now be seen by all the people.'

As Advaita heard Prabhu's words, He and His wife raised their arms and wept.

'Today My life has become successful. Today all of My desires have been fulfilled.

'Today My life and deeds have all become successful because I have seen Your lotus feet.

'The four Vedas describe Your glories but they cannot see You, yet You have appeared because of Me.

'My minute power is nothing compared to Your compassion. Who can deliver the jivas other than You?

Speaking in this way, Acarya floated in waves of prema. Prabhu then said: 'Now arrange for My puja.'

On recieving Prabhu's order, [Advaita] happily worshipped Caitanya's feet with full attention.
Gaurasundara - Wed, 16 Feb 2005 02:02:57 +0530
He first washed the lotuslike feet with fragrant water and then smeared them with sandalwood paste.

He dipped tulasi-manjaris in the sandalwood paste and placed them on the Lord's feet along with the articles of arghya.

As He worshipped the Lord with the five ingredients that included
sandalwood paste, flowers, incense, and ghee lamps, tears of love flowed from His eyes.

He offered a lamp with five ghee-wicks and again offered prayers. Finally, He loudly chanted, 'Jaya! Jaya!'

After worshipping the Lord's feet with sixteen articles, He offered a flower garland, cloth, and ornaments.

He carried out the puja according to the vision of the scriptures, and offered his prostrations with this verse:

"Namo brahmanya-devaya go-brahmana-hitaya ca - jagad-dhitaya krsnaya govindaya namo namah."

He first offered salutations with this verse, and then He offered prayers in accordance with various scriptures.

Glory, glory be to Visvambhara, the Lord of the lives of all! Glory, glory be to Gauracandra, the ocean of compassion!

Glory, glory be to He who makes the words of His devotees come true! Glory, glory be to Mahaprabhu, the great source of all avatars!

Glory, glory be to He who is enchanted by the beauty of Laksmi, the daughter of the ocean!
Glory, glory be to He who bears the Srivatsa mark and the Kaustubha jewel!

Glory, glory be to He who initiated the chanting of 'Hare Krsna' mantra!
Glory, glory be to He enjoys the pastime of accepting His own devotion!

Glory, glory be to Mahaprabhu, who sleeps on the bed of Ananta! Glory, glory be to He who is the refuge of all jivas!

You are Visnu, You are Krsna, You are Narayana, You are Matsya, You are Kurma, You are Sanatana.
O Prabhu, You are Varaha and You are Vamana, and You protect the Vedas from yuga to yuga.

You are the destroyer of the demoniac dynasties. You are the life of Sita.
You are the bestower of boons to Guha. You are the deliverer of Ahalya.

You incarnated to deliver Prahlada and killed Hiranya, and you were known as Narasimha.

You are the crest jewel of all devas and the king of the brahmanas. You consume various foods at Nilacala.

To find You, the four Vedas wander from place to place. By coming here, You have hidden from them.

You are very skilled in concealing Yourself, but the devotees recognise and bring You into the open.

You have incarnated to initiate sankirtana, and there is nothing other than You in unlimited universes.

Gauri and Sankara are overwhelmed by the nectar of Your lotus feet.

Rama [Laksmi] serves these feet with on-pointed attention, and the thousand-headed Ananta sings their glories.

These feet are always worshipped by Brahma, and their glories are also sung by the srutis, smrtis and puranas.

These feet covered the whole of Satyaloka, and they glorified the head of Bali with their touch.

From these feet the Ganga emanates and is sustained by the head of Sankara.

Advaita's intelligence surpasses that of a million Brihaspatis, and he fully knows the glorious position of Caitanya.

Glorifying the Lord's feet, He floated in tears. He then fell flat at the Lord's feet.

Sri Gauranga Raya, the inner overseer of all beings, placed His lotus feet on the head of Advaita.

As soon as He placed His feed on the head of Advaita, the tumultuous sound of 'Jaya! Jaya!' was heard.

On seeing this wonderful sight, everyone was overwhelemed and began chanting 'Hari! Hari!'

Some of them rolled on the ground whereas others clapped their hands. Others wept loudly while embracing each other.

The hearts' desire of Advaita and His wife were fulfilled, for they attained the feet of the Lord as They had previously desired.

Prabhu Visvambhara instructed Advaita thus: 'O Nada! Dance in My kirtana!'

Being instructed by Prabhu, Advaita Gosai began to dance in various devotional moods.
Gaurasundara - Wed, 16 Feb 2005 06:25:27 +0530
As the most enchanting sound of kirtana arose, Advaita danced before Gauracandra.

One moment He danced wildly, and at another moment He danced sweetly. At yet another moment He held many straws between His teeth.

One moment He whirled around, and at another moment He stood up.
At another moment He rolled on the ground sighing deeply, and at yet another moment He fell unconscious.

According to how He gauged the mood of the kirtana, He happily danced in various ways.

Finally, He remained in the mood of a servant. None could understand His inconceivable glories.

When He rushed up to Thakur and saw Nityananda, He smiled while raising His eyebrows.

Smiling, He said: 'O Nitai, it is good that You have come! For so long I could not see You!

Today I will bind You, then where will You go?' Sometimes He addressed Him as Prabhu, and at other times He called Him a drunkard.

Nityananda Raya smiled at the behaviour of Advaita. They are actually one, but have become two for the sake of Krsna's lila.

I have previously described how Nityananda joyfully serves Caitanya in various forms.

In some forms He advises the Lord, in some forms He meditates on the Lord, in some forms
He becomes the Lord's umbrella or bed, and in some forms He sings the Lord's glories.

There is no difference between Nityananda and Advaita; this is known by the fortunate.

All Their pastimes of quarrelling together that you see are the inconceivable sporting of the Lord.

Their exchanges of love resemble that betwen Ananta and Sankara, for They are both dear forms of Krsna Caitanya.

One who misunderstands Their quarrels and takes sides, respecting one and offending the other, he is destroyed.

As all the Vaisnavas watched Advaita's dancing, they were overwhelmed and merged in an ocean of bliss.

When Prabhu ordered Advaita to stop dancing, He immediately stopped in respect of that order.

The Lord then gave His own garland to Advaita. Smiling, He said: 'Ask for a benediction. Ask for a benediction.'

Advaita heard but did not say a word as Visvambhara repeatedly entreated Him: 'Ask. Ask.'

Advaita then said: 'What more can I ask for? Whatever I desired, I have already received.

'I have danced directly before You, and now all the desires of My mind have been satiated.

'O Prabhu, what can I ask for? What more is there? I have directly seen Your incarnation.

'What should I ask for? You know well what I lack, so what is there that You do not see with Your divine vision?'

Prabhu Visvambhara rolled His head and said: 'I have manifested because of You.

'I will preach kirtana from house to house so that all the world can dance as they sing My glories.

'For that which Brahma, Siva, and Narada undergo austerities for, I will give that bhakti. This I assure you.

'Advaita said: If you will give bhakti, then women, sudras, and fools should get it also.

'Education, wealth, high birth, austerities, and those who place obstacles in the way of devotion and Your devotees, and let all other types of sinners including untouchables dance while singing of Your name and qualities.' Hearing Advaita's words, Prabhu roared loudly and said: 'Whatever You say will be true.'

The entire world is a witness to these words, for His compassion distributed to the foolish and the fallen.

Even the untouchables are dancing and singing of Prabhu's name and qualities, whereas the Bhattas, Misras, and Cakravartis are engaged in blasphemy.

A person who studies scriptures and shaves his head may lose his intelligence anyway, because one who blasphemes Nityananda is destroyed.

By Advaita's power the entire world received prema. All these stories are described in the Madhya-khanda.

Of the loving talks between Caitanya and Advaita, it is only Sarasvati who knows about the entirety of these.

That goddess manifests on the tongue of all people and unlimitedly sings the glories of Caitanya.

I pay my salutations to the feet of all the Vaisnavas so that they may not consider my offenses.

Acarya Gosai and His wife became blissful, and remained there on the order of the Lord.

Knowing only Sri Krsna Caitanya and Nityananda-cand, Vrndavana das sings this humble song at their feet.

Madanmohan das - Wed, 16 Feb 2005 13:47:12 +0530
Gaaauuur hari bol! Jay Nitaigunamani! Jaya Mangalmoy Advaita Acarya! Gadadhara, Srivasadi Gaura bhaktavrndebhyo jayati!
And as the moon compas'd by the stars doth shine,
So Gaura glows resplendant midst associates divine!