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Narrations on the pastimes of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Radha-Krishna.

Prabhu Sitanatha's appearance - Pada about Advaita Prabhu's appearance

Advaitadas - Tue, 15 Feb 2005 13:33:35 +0530
yatha gita maura

magha sukla tithi, saptamite ati,
uthalaye maha ananda sindhu
nabha garbha dhanya, kori avatirna,
heno subha ksane advaita indu

"On the seventh day of the bright lunar quarter of the month of Magha, a great ocean of bliss surged. At that auspicious moment the Advaita-moon rose from the blessed womb of Nabha devi."

kuvera pandita, hoiya harasita,
nana dana dvija daridre diya
sutika mandire, giya dhire dhire,
dekhi putra mukha judaya hiya

"Joyfully father Kuvera Pandita gave many presents to the brahmanas and to the poor, and then he gently entered into the lying-in chamber to soothe his heart by beholding the face of his son."

nava grama vasi, loka dha'ya asi,
paraspara kohe na dekhi heno
kiba punya phale, misra vrddha kale,
pailen putra ratana yeno

"The residents of Nava Grama came running and told each other: "Who knows what pious activities this Kuvera Misra has performed to get such a jewel of a son at such an advanced age?"

puspa varisana, kore sura gana,
alaksita riti upama nohu
jaya jaya dhvani, bhorolo avani,
bhone ghana syama mangala bohu

"The demigods showered flowers in an unseen, matchless manner and the world was filled with shouts of jaya jaya!" Thus Ghanasyama dasa elaborately sings this auspicious song."
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Madanmohan das - Tue, 15 Feb 2005 16:52:51 +0530
This is a rushed rendering of Sri Advaita Acarya's Avirbhava mahotsava and Ceremonial Bath from Siddha Baba's Naimitika lila narrative.

In the evening of the sixth bright day in the holy month of Magha, Sri Nabhadevi and Kuvera Pandit have formal invitations despatched to Sriman Mahaprabhu and all the bhaktas.

On the following morning that being the seventh bright lunar day in Magha (today!)
Sriman Mahaprabhu completes his routine morning activities, bathing etc., and attending the Bhagavat discourse.
Thereafter, Mahaprabhu and all the bhaktas proceed to Sri Advaita's residential compound, where they have the darsan of Sri Madan Gopal's aroti, sing songs of Vasanta lila and make a grand Hari Sankirtan. All the bhaktas pelt and smear each other with coloured dyes and powders.
Thereupon, with humble entreaty, Sri Advaita prabhu is brought to the bathing platform and seated on an excellent seat. The male attendants had previously prepared and arrnged all the articles for the ceremonial bath.
Srivas pandit performs the ceremonial anointment according to holy writ, while Purusottam pandit recites the bathing incantations. Along with all the bhaktas Sriman Mahaprabhu observes the cermonial bath accompanied with vocal and instrumental music.
Upon completion of the Abhiseka, Sri Advaita prabhu is escorted to the srngara mandap (beauty parlour), and seated on an excellent seat, where the male attendants dress him in fine garments and accomplish his ornamentation and so forth.
Sriman Mahaprabhu, Sri Nityananda prabhu, Sri Gadadhara pandit Goswami and all the bhaktas each make gifts of jewel necklaces, fine garments and ornaments of various kinds. Srivas pandit performs aroti with ceremonial waving of lamps and all the bhaktas make a rain of flowers and other auspiscious fragrant things.
Therafter, Sri Nabhadevi and Kuvera pandit summon the three prabhus and all their followers to the dining hall, and with overwhelming affection serves the wonderful items of Madan Gopal's prasad. After the meal and having sipped water by way of acaman, everyone proceeds to take a little rest.

The sadhak will contemplate Yogapithaseva at Advaita prabhus residence. Thereafter he shall partake of some fruits, esculent roots etc, as anukalpa(food that can be taken on fast days). Thereafter the lila is nityvat or the regular duirnal sports.

note; this occurs during the prAtah lila 0600-0836, probably in the last muhurta
Gaurasundara - Wed, 16 Feb 2005 05:52:22 +0530
doyA koro sItA-pati advaita gosAi
tava kRpA-bAle pAi caitanya-nitAi
- ZrI Narottama dAs ThAkura