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Request for the community - Please read

Madhava - Fri, 04 Feb 2005 12:39:54 +0530
I have a request for the Gaudiya Discussions community.

During our stay in Vraja, myself and Jagadananda are at times restricted on our amount of participation, which translates into a lack of moderation from our part. I would therefore request that our esteemed members applied a degree of self-moderation in our absence.

I would request you to:

1. Please abstain from posting comments where you comment on each other, especially when done in a repetitive manner which makes the thread look like nothing but someone's getting at another's case. They spoil the atmosphere and clutter the threads to such an extent that it is no longer a pleasure to read them at all.

2. Please abstain from posting comments that have little substance to them, such as mere smilies or single sentences saying "way to go", "yeah!" and so forth. They only clutter topics. If everyone who liked a post posted a cheerleader message, that's all the thread would be made of. Please only post when you have something substantial to contribute. The forum is not for mere socializing.

I would feel very obliged if you could all consider this and amend your behavior accordingly wherever necessary. That would spare the two of us from a lot of headache.