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Krishna & Satyabhama -

Advitiya - Mon, 31 Jan 2005 21:12:55 +0530
This is a dialogue between Krishna and Satyabhama.

Once Krishna went to Satyabhama’s room when she was dipleased with him. Finding the door closed he knocked. Satyabhama pretended that she did not recognise him and asked her companion Vishikha to see who it was. Krishna, hearing the voice of Satyabhama told his name. But Satybhama gave a different meaning to the word. Krishna gave another of his names but each time Satyabhama teased him in the same manner pretending not to know him.

aGgulyA kaH kapATaM praharati vishikhe mAdhavaH kiM vasanto
no cakrI kiM kulAlo na hi dharaNidharaH kiM dvi-jihvaH phaNIndraH |
nAhaM ghorAhimardo kim uta khaga-patir no hariH kiM kapIndraH
ity evaM satybhAmA prativacana-jitaH pAtu vaz cakra-pANiH ||

Satyabhama: O Vishikha, just see who knocks on the door.

Krishna: I am Madhava.

Satyabhama: Is it spring season? (Madhava also means Spring)

Krishna: No, I am Chakri, the holder of the disk.

Satyabhama: Is it a potter? (Chakri also means a potter).

Krishna: No, I am Dharanidhara, the one who holds the earth.

Satyabhama: O, then you are the serpent king.
(Dharanidhara also means Sheshanaga, the serpent king who
carries the earth on its head).

Krishna: No, I am not the serpent king. I am the one who killed the
poisonous snake (Kaliya).

Satyabhama: O, then are you Garuda, the king of the birds? (It is Garuda, who
kills snakes).

Krishna: No, I am Hari.

Satyabhama: O, then you are kapIndra (the great monkey; hari also means

May Lord Krishna, the disc-holder thus defeated by the words of Satyabhama, protect you.
Satyabhama - Mon, 31 Jan 2005 21:52:29 +0530
biggrin.gif wonderful! biggrin.gif
Kishalaya - Tue, 01 Feb 2005 02:10:58 +0530
user posted image

devI satyabhAmA, may you always protect us with your overflowing kindness!
Satyabhama - Tue, 01 Feb 2005 02:15:22 +0530
Wait, you mean Bhudevi Satyabhama right laugh.gif