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Arjuna's expression of surrender - From Gita

Madanmohan das - Wed, 19 Jan 2005 16:36:49 +0530
Bhagavad Gita 2.7

kArpanya dosopahatasvabhAvah
pRcchAmi tvAm dharmasaMmuDacetAh/
yacchreyah syAnnizcitaM bruhi tanme
sisyaste'haM sAdhi mAM tvAM prapannam//

In pity lost, by doubtings tossed,
My thoughts - distracted - turn
To Thee, the guide I reverence most,
That I may council learn.


By helplessness oppressed, by doubts assailed,
I do not see the path of duty plain,
Be Thou my guide, and tell me what is best,
My teacher Thou, in mercy lead me now.

With my natural traits overcome by ( a sense of ) helplessness and sin, and my mind perplexed regarding ( my ) duty, I ask you - tell me that which is definately good for me. I am your disciple; teach me who have taken refuge in you.

Sridhara Swami's Subodhini tika

Therefore, With my natural etc. With my natural traits overcome by ( a sense of ) helplessness and sin - helplessness expressed by the idea, " having killed them how shall we live?" and sin due to desruction of one's own family; I
whose natural traits such as valour are overcome by these two, ask you. Similarly, one whose mind is perplexed regarding duty, i.e., whose mind has doubts as to whether it is righteous or unrighteous for a Ksatriya to give up war and take even to begging. Therefore tell me that which is definitely good for me, that which I ought to do. Moreover, I am your disciple, fit to be instructed by you; therefore teach me who have taken refuge in you