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Govinda Das - abhisarika nayika pada

Sakhicharan - Sun, 16 Jan 2005 05:46:21 +0530
With the sun overhead with rays diffusing fire,
and the burning sands on the path, Sri Radha with
body delicate as fresh butter, and with feet soft as
lotus, is going to the secret-place during

Alas! It is impossible to resist the attraction of
love. Love-permeated as she was, desire for Kanu's
contact did away with her self-control, and stupefied
her judgement.

The supremely delightful Sri Radha under the cover
of the dust raised by circles of high wind screening
her from the suspecting eyes of the elders commenced
her journey and forgot all her troubles as soon
as she was on the way.

Govinda Das says, "O loving Sri Radha! You have
mastered the mantras of Cupid after overcoming
all difficulties. Now, I advise you to have Sri Hari
explain to you, the tantras of the art of love.