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yam nirvaktum... - Sri Rupa

Madanmohan das - Mon, 10 Jan 2005 03:57:01 +0530
yAm nirvaktumabhutprabhurnahi caturvaktro'pi te mAdhurIm
tAmudghAtayAdya yadyapi satAm hAso mayA svIkrtah/
vaiphalyAya tathApi deva ! bhavitA nAyammamopAkramah
sarvAnarthaharatvadIyabhajanAbhAso'pi yadvisrutah//

O lord, even the wise with all their eloquence were unable to exhaustively recount the excellences of thy sweetness, which today I attempt to accomplish, thereby incuring great laughter among the saints. But it shall not be a fruitless undertaking, for as is well known, even the slightest semblence of your adoration (bhajan) removes all evils.

Sri Rupa , Stavamala