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Prahlada Carit - 7th Skandha

Madanmohan das - Wed, 05 Jan 2005 23:13:36 +0530
A devotee once raised the question as why Sriman Mahaprabhu was so fond of hearing Prahlad carit. But one only has to read it to see. There is one particular passage which is very ecstatic from chapter 4 37-43 of the 7th Skandha.
The following is from the Gita Press edition.

nyastakrIdanako bAlo jadavattanmanastayA/
krsnagrahagrItAtma na veda jagadIdrsam//
AsInah paryatannasnan sayAnah pravisan bruvan/
nAnusandhatta etAni govinda parirambhitah//
kvacidrudati vaikunthacintAsavalacetanah/
kvacidvasati taccintAhlAda ugrAyati kvacit//
nadati kvacidutkantho vilajjo nrtyati kvacit/
kvacittadbhAvanAyuktastanmayo'nucakAra ha//
kvacidutpulakastunimAste samsparsanirvrtah/
sa uttamaslokapadAravindayornisevanAkincanasangalabdhayA/
tanvan parAm nirvrtimAtmano muhurduhsangadInAnyamanah samam vyadhAt//
tasmin mahAbhAgavate mahAbhAgo mahAtmani/
hiranyakasipu rAjannakarodaghamAtmaje//

Having laid aside his play things even as a child, Prahlad, who appeared in the likeness of a dunce by reason of his mind being fully absorbed in the lord, and whose soul was possessed by Sri Krsna as though by some spirit, did not view the world as such ( as it appears to wordly men).

Sitting or walking, eating or drinking, lying down or speaking, he was never conscious of these acts, finding himself constantly folded in the arms of Govinda.

Now he would cry (in agony at the sudden dissappearance of the lord), his mind overwhelmed with the thought of Visnu; now (when the lord appeared again) he laughed and full of delight at his thought he would now sing his praises at the pitch of his voice.

Now he shreiked with open throat and now he would dance casting all bashfullness to the winds ( as it where). Now imagining himself to be none else than the lord and completely immersed in him, he imitated his doings.

Enraptured by the thought of having become one with him, he would now sit mute with horripilation all over his body and his half closed eyes brimful with tears of joy brought by constant love.

By devoted service to the lotus-feet of the lord of excellent renown, obtained as a reward of fellowship of devotees claiming nothing as their own, he not only brought supreme felicity to himself but also soothed the mind of other daitya boys, who were miserable through evil inclinations.

It was such an illustrious and high-souled son, and great votery of the lord, O king, that Hiranyakasipu sought to harm (alas).
Madhava - Wed, 05 Jan 2005 23:26:26 +0530
Wonderful. Thank you for posting! Do you remember other topics Gaura was fond of hearing, any related nectar you'd like to share?
Madanmohan das - Thu, 06 Jan 2005 00:41:38 +0530
eimata prabhu priya gadAdhara sange/
tAn mukhe bhAgavata suni thAke range//
gadAdhara paren sammukhe bhAgavata/
suniyA prakAse prabhu prema bhAva yata//
prahlAda caritra, Ara dhruvera caritra/
satAvrtti kariyA sunen sAvahita//
Ara kArye prabhura nAhika avasara/
nAma gune balen sunen nirantara//
bhAgavata pAthe gadAdhara mahAsaya/
dAmodarasvarUpera kIrtana visaya//

Thus prabhu was ever fond of the company of his dear Gadadhara, and very much enjoyed to hear the Bhagavata from his lips.
While Gadadhara recited the Bhagavat the lord sat before him, and as he listened, the lord did manifest various ectstaties of love.
While hearing the topic of Prahlad carit or Dhruva carit, even after hundreds of times , the lord would listen with rapt attention.
Prabhu indeed had no other duty for himself than the constant telling and hearing the tidings of the lord's names and divine attributes.
The high-souled Gadadhara would recite the Bhagavata for the lord and the subject of kirtan was the speciality of Damodara Svarupa.

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