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sthalakamalini... - Vilapa Kusumanjali 2

Madanmohan das - Wed, 05 Jan 2005 03:30:25 +0530
sthalakamalini yuktaM garvitA kAnane'smin
pranayasi varahAsyaM puspagucchacchalena/
api nikhilalatAstAh saurabhAktAh sa munchan
mRgayati tava mArgaM krsnabhrngo yadadya//

O lotus-tree! it is certainly befitting that you
Should proudly reveal the blooming clusters
Of your most excellent and pretentious smile;
How could it otherwise be? When the forest
Abounds with fragrant blooming flower vines,
And yet the black bee foresakes them all today,
And seeks the path that leads to you alone!

Vilapa Kusumanjali 2

( Rati manjari addressing Rupa manjari)
Madanmohan das - Mon, 30 May 2005 05:42:15 +0530
pAdAmbhoje maNimayatulAkoTiyugmena yatnAd-
abhyarceddalakulamapi preSThapAdAngulIyaih/
kAncIdAmnA kaTitaTimidaM premapIThaM sunetre
kaMsArateratulamacirAdarcayisyAmi kiM te//

O thou beautiful-eyed one! Having cautiously worshiped
thy lotus-feet with a pair of jewel-studded sounding anklets,
When will I expediently offer ritual adoration
by adorning thy petal-like dainty toes with toe-rings,
dearly loved? and right suddenly upon thy ample hips,
the incomparable sacred shrine of love-sports
for the proud adversary of Kamsa,
when shall I place a jingling ornamental zone?

Vilapa Kusumanjali 31
Madanmohan das - Mon, 30 May 2005 08:46:41 +0530
yadavadhi mama kAcinmanjarI rUpapUrvA
vrajabhuvi bata netradvandva dIptiM cakAra/
tadavadhi tava vRNdAraNyarAjni prakAmaM
caraNakamalalAkSA saMdidRSA mamAbhut/
/ Malini

From the very time some manjari by the name of Rupa called, did the wondrous splendour of this pasture land to my eyes reveal; from that momment, O princess of Vrnda's forest, have I cherished an intense craving to behold with my own eyes the soles of thy lotus-feet, stained with red cosmetic dye annointed thereon.

VKA 14
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