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Lamplight of Love - New Kirtan CD from Radhapada Das

Madhava - Sun, 25 Aug 2002 19:59:33 +0530

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Some songs I have selected to use in this Cd are my usual repertoire that I have sung over the years, while others I had selected for this particular project. On a whole the Cd is a presentation of the worship of Sri Radha-Krishna as presented through the perspective of the cultivation of raganuga bhakti, specifically manjari bhava upasana, the path to attain the sacred feelings and services like that of Sri Radha's maidservants, the manjaris.

These songs and mantras have the power to impress upon the mind and reveal the transcendental, names, forms, qualities and pastimes of the Divine Pair. The services of the manjaris, Sri Radha and Sri Krishna's love for one another, the transcendental playground of the Divine Pair, Sri Vrindavan are all described in these songs. I humbly beg the listeners to forgive me for my lack of musical aesthetics. I am just a lowly aspirant to one day attain the holy foot dust of Sri Rupa Goswami's lotus feet. I pray that all the Vaisnavas may be pleased with my endeavours and bless me to attain devotion for the lotus feet of Sri Gauranga.

| Radhapada Das |


Download samples of all songs on the album and the lyrics for them with both Bengali / Sanskrit and translation.


Madhava - Wed, 28 Aug 2002 02:05:07 +0530
There was some discussion in an earlier thread about this CD as well, I am posting the link here.