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Radha's song - Jai Radhe!

Anand - Thu, 30 Dec 2004 17:52:21 +0530
Srimati Radharani sings:

kRSNa mora jivana, kRSNa mora prANa-dhana,
kRSNa mora prANera parANa
hrdoya upore dharon, sevA kori sukhi koron
ei mora sadA rahe dhyAna

“Krsna is My life! Krishna is the treasure of My life! Krishna is the life of My life!
I keep Him upon My heart and make Him happy with My service.
That is My constant meditation.

Sakhi! Krishna is dearer to Me than millions of life-airs!
I am happy when Krishna is happy,
just as the body and the senses are pleased when the life-airs are pleased.
There is no separate happiness for Me outside of this!
I always meditate on His happiness, and His happiness is My only desire.
The life-airs are existing within the heart,
and I cannot possibly keep Him also within My heart,
therefore let Me at least keep Him on top of My heart
and always please Him there with My service –
these are my constant concerns and these are My long-standing desires!”